25 Brilliant & Inspiring Ways to Use Roses in Your Wedding

When it comes to wedding, rose has an ever-lasting place in many brides’ heart as rose is the symbol of love and beauty. Incorporating rose into your wedding theme isn’t something new but an old age tradition. And yet it doesn’t seem as a passing trend as the beauty of rose outshine any popular trend there is.

Looking for inspiration to include rose in your wedding? Look no further.

Here are 25 brilliant and inspiring ways to make use of roses in your wedding:

1 Rose Wedding Gown
1. Awesome rose wedding gown
You can’t have real roses on your wedding gown. But does that stop any brides who loves roses? Nope. This is a very clever idea in injecting rose theme to your gown: An absolute wonderment of faux roses. For more inspiration, check out these lovely rose-themed wedding gowns: wedding gown 1, wedding gown 2, wedding gown 3

2 Rose Bouquet
2. Rose bouquet for the bride
A widely desirable flower, you can bet demand for roses reach its full potential from spring to fall. As you only get to hold a bridal bouquet once in your lifetime, it’s important to make sure your dress and the bridal bouquet complimented each other perfectly. A rose bouquet in pastel will be the perfect accompaniment. Full bloom, soft luscious petals… they are such darlings right? See this really simple rose bouquet tutorial: DIY A Garden Rose Bouquet

3 Rose Boutonniere for the Groom
3. Rose boutonnière for the groom
What’s a rose bouquet for the bride without a matching boutonniere for the groom, right? Your groom will look dapper and stylish. Here’s an easy rose boutonnière tutorial for you: DIY boutonnière

4 Rose on Bridal Hair
4. Rose on bridal hair
To be a budget savvy bride, you could use real flowers to adorn your bridal hair instead of buying hair accessories from the store. Rose is the number one choice when it comes to that. It echoes elegance and romanticism.

5 Rose Wedding Cake
5. Rose wedding cake
Adding real flowers to wedding cake can enhance the aesthetic feel of the overall cake. Now ain’t these peach roses a perfect company with the rustic cake? You can make faux roses from fondant, marzipan or buttercream to decorate your wedding cake too.

6 Bridesmaids Rose Corsage
6. Bridesmaids rose corsage
Having your bridesmaids wear corsage instead of holding flower bouquet isn’t something new. Brides hear me, this is another smart way to save cost. These pink rose corsages with pearls are so pretty and easy to slip through the wrist. Refer to this simple DIY rose corsage tutorial.

7 Flower Girl Rose Crown
7. Flower girl rose crown
With the addition of posy, nosegay or pomander, give your flower girl a rose crown to complete her look. See this simple DIY rose crown tutorial.

8 Rose Collar for Dog
8. Rose collar for dog
If you have a dog, I’m sure you want your dog to join you on your happy occasion. Have your dog wear a floral collar for the ceremony. Rose is a good choice. He’ll look right into it. Check out this easy step by step video on how to make a floral dog collar.

9 Rose Wax Seal Stamp on Invitation Card
9. Rose wax seal stamp on invitation card
Looking for wedding invitation inspiration? Get a rose wax seal stamp for your invitation card. It’s a beautiful way to highlight your card and give it some personality. Get your rose wax seal stamp here.

10 Ombre Rose Petals Wedding Aisle
10. Ombre rose petals wedding aisle
Give your wedding aisle a dramatic look because you want your wedding guests to remember the ceremony they’ve attended. An aisle of soft rose petals will give a good impact. Include ombre to the mood color for added oomph.

11 Rose Petals On Side Wedding Aisle
11. Rose petals on side wedding aisle
For an alternate wedding aisle version, decorate the side wedding aisle with plenty of rose petals. You’ll still get the same impact.

12 Heart Shaped Rose Petals Wedding Stage
12. Heart shaped rose petals wedding stage
Disclose what you want to say in your heart with this heart shaped rose petals on your wedding stage. Fall into tender moments when exchanging your vows.

13 Fresh Rose Backdrop
13. Fresh rose backdrop
Having a beautiful backdrop on your wedding ceremony can improve the mood of the wedding and also act as a photo opportunity. Using fresh rose is a good choice as they are long-lasting and sophisticated.

14 Wedding Escort Card with Rose
14. Wedding escort card with rose
Add some zing to your escort card with fresh roses. This will leave good impression and make your guest feel loved.

15 Rose Wedding Menu Card
15. Rose wedding menu card
A beautiful menu card can act as an appetite opener. This hand-painted watercolor rose menu card is a great example. Get it here.

16 Floating Candles with Submerged Rose Petals
16. Floating candles with submerged rose petals.
This is a brilliant project which you can DIY for your own wedding. Floating rose petals and candles on water glass. So inspiring! Or you could do without water. Check out this DIY submerged rose centerpiece tutorial.

17 Champagne with Rose Petals
17. Champagne with rose petals
Pink champagne douse with rose petals is a great decorator for wedding dinner or ceremony. You could replace champagne any time with cocktails, mocktails or even punch.

18 Bride & Goom Rose Chairs Decorations
18. Bride & groom rose chair decorations
Make the bride’s and groom’s wedding chairs stand out with elegant rose decorations. You could also add the sign ‘Mr ‘ and ‘Mrs’ or ‘Bride’ and ‘Groom’ to the chairs.

19 Rose-inspired Wedding Plates
19. Rose-inspired wedding plates
Rose-inspired plates for wedding dinner will make the food much more enjoyable. Don’t you think so?

20 Place Setting with Rose
20. Place setting with rose
Add a stalk of rose on the place setting for a glamourous and precious wedding feel.

21 Rose Wedding Centerpieces
21. Rose wedding centerpieces
Nothing beats rose centerpieces in weddings. They are a vibrant, delicate florals which will make the outlook of your wedding a spectacular one.

22 Rose-influenced Wedding Food
22. Rose-influenced wedding food
Now what’s wedding food without rose-inspired food right? This rose pastry is the sweetest thing. Get the recipe here: Lavender rose cakes.

23 Rose Petals Toss-Confetti
23. Rose petals toss/confetti
Imagine being toss with rose petals confetti as you make your wedding ceremony exit. Isn’t that the most wonderful feeling? As roses come in many different colors, you can choose the one that match your wedding color theme.

24 Wedding Rides with Rose Decoration
24. Wedding rides with rose decoration
Make a great exit with wedding ride to remember. A wedding car decorated with rose petals of heart shaped or horses drawn carriage with rose decoration, they are so romantic!

25 Bed of Roses
25. Bed of roses
Finally end your wedding day with a bed full of roses. What a great way to enjoy a happy, joyful wedding day.

Photos source: Pinterest

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