28 Fantastic Wedding Favors That Are Useful & Unique 2

28 Fantastic Wedding Favors That Are Useful & Unique

“Ohh this wedding favor is useless.”
There goes the favor in the rubbish bin.

How many of you do that frequently? Raise your hand. I’m one of the guilty ones. :P Truthfully, the wedding favor I dislike most are the imprinted favors with the couple names and wedding date. Sure it can be romantic for the bride and groom but how practical can that be for their guest? Unless it’s well hidden!

I also don’t love favors that are too norm. I’ve received too many chocolate, candies and cookies from weddings and you better believe me when I say wedding favors are not one of the things I look forward to receiving.
Overall, I find giving out useless favors or favors that guests have no interest in is just a waste of money. That’s why in this modern time, there are couples who choose to forgo giving out favors at all.

Personally, I welcome giving out wedding favors because I think it’s the best way for the couple to show their appreciation/gratitude to the guests. Finding a favor that your guest will love and want is not rocket science.

I’ve come up with a list of 28 practical wedding favors that your wedding guests will find them useful and unique. Please give it a scroll below. Additional bonus: creative sayings for the favors.

1. Lace glass tea light holder.
1 Lace glass tealight holder
Every home needs at least one of these.
Creative sayings: Let love shine. Love lights the hearts.
Photo credit: Accent the Party

2. Potted plants (including herbs).
2 Potted plants & herbs
They make great decorations inside the home and make the garden a happier place.
Creative sayings: Take one and watch love grow. Let love grow. Let love bloom. Watch our love grow.
Photo credit: Style Me Pretty, Vibrant Bride, Lover.ly

3. Irish Baileys hot cocoa.
3 Irish hot cocoa
Your guest gets to enjoy this yummy concoction and also keep the mason jar.
Creative sayings: The perfect mix. Some things just go together.
Photo credit: Goodnyou?

4. Fruits.
4 Local fruits
Choose fruits that are seasonal or locals for a tantalizing juicy crunch.
Photo credit: Pinterest

5. Olive oil.
5 Olive oil
Olive oil infused with herbs, spices or just plain good quality olive oil will make a heartwarming favor.
Photo credit: 100 Layer Cake, Belle and Chic

6. Cotton candy.
6 Cotton Candy
Everyone love this – kids and very big boys and girls alike (hint: adults).
Creative saying: Thanks for making our day that much sweeter!
Photo credit: DIY Network

7. Miniature champagne bottle.
7 Miniature champagne bottle
For an elegant, classic wedding this favor is perfect.
Photo credit: Elizabeth Anne Design

8. Lottery ticket.
8 Lottery ticket
Who wouldn’t love lottery ticket? It’s fun, fun, fun all the way.
Creative sayings: For richer, for poorer. Lucky in love. Eat, drink and be lucky.
Photo credit: Beau Coup

9. Honey.
9 Honey
Handmade honey with personal thank you labels is such a sweet favor.
Creative sayings: Thanks for bee-in’ here with us, Meant to bee. Love is sweet. Sweet as honey. Thanks for sticking with us. Celebrating the sweetness of life.
Photo credit: Wedding Chicks

10. Coffee beans.
10 Coffee beans
It’s a cute idea!
Creative sayings: The perfect blend. Love is brewing. Thank you for bean here.
Photo credit: Junebug Weddings

11. Tea cup candles.
11 Tea cup candles
This favor has double uses; as candles and tea cups later.
Creative saying: Let love shine.
Photo credit: Everything Fab, Wedding Chicks

12. Vanilla sugar.
12 Vanilla sugar
A super easy DIY favor for those looking to give a personal touch.
Creative saying: Love is sweet.
Photo credit: Pinterest

13. Jack and coke.
13 Jack & Coke
A cocktail mix of Jack Daniel’s and Coke.
Creative sayings: The perfect mix. Some things just go together.
Photo credit: Les Petits Presents

14. Flower & herbs seeds.
14 Flower & herbs seeds
These are wonderful favors to give.
Creative sayings: Take one and watch love grow. Let love grow. Let love bloom. Watch our love grow. Plant these seeds and watch them bloom, just like the love of the bride and groom.
Photo credit: Ruffled, Polka Dot Bride

15. Macaron.
15 Macarons
You can match the macaron color with your wedding palette.
Creative saying: Love is sweet, enjoy some treats.
Photo credit: Flickr

16. Luggage tag.
16 Luggage tag
Double takeaway; as favor and escort cards.
Photo credit: Style Me Pretty

17. Christmas ornaments.
17 Christmas ornaments
Perfect for Christmas wedding.
Creative saying: Peace, love, laughter and a happily ever after.
Photo credit: Ashley Gain, Weddingomania

18. Homemade jam.
18 Homemade jam
Homemade food rocks!
Creative sayings: Spread the love. Jam packed with love.
Photo credit: Ruffled

19. Antique key bottle opener.
19 Antique key bottle opener
Ingenious idea! Double duty as escort cards and wedding favor.
Creative saying: The key to a happy marriage.
Photo credit: Wedding Wire, Wedding Chicks

20. Wooden hand fan.
20 Wooden hand fan
Ideal for summer weddings.
Creative sayings: A fan of love. Just be cool, feel the love.
Photo credit: Style Me Pretty, Favors by Serendipity

21. Mini cheese and bread board.
21 Mini cheese and bread board
Everyone need one of these in their kitchen.
Photo credit: Pinterest

22. Fleur de sel.
22 Fleur de sel
A lavender scented fleur de sel is always a good idea.
Photo credit: Style Me Pretty, Wedding Chicks

23. Books.
23 Books
Source for secondhand books as wedding favors.
Creative saying: A good book has no ending.
Photo credit: Amorology, Angel In The North

24. Limoncello.
24 Limoncello
Perfect for an Italian themed wedding.
Photo credit: Pinterest

25. Tile coasters.
25 Mexican tile coasters
Spanish, mexican or even DIY tile coasters are fab ideas for favors.
Photo credit: Every Last Detail, Wedding Chicks, Becoming The Mrs

26. Hot sauce.
26 Hot sauce
Homemade hot sauce is a nice favor. You can double it as escort cards.
Creative sayings: Thank you for spicing up our special day. Sweet heat. Spicy love sauce. Our love is spicy. Turning up the heat since {date}.
Photo credit: Something Turquoise

27. Photo booth.
27 Photo booth
Have guest snap a photo of themselves and bring back as favor. Prepare some photo props so your guest can go crazy and fun.
Photo credit: Rock My Wedding, Wedding Chicks

28. Donation/charity under their name.
28 Donation
Make a donation to the charity of your choice in the honor of your wedding guests’ names.
Photo credit: Style Me Pretty, Shireen Louw

What is the best wedding favor you’ve ever received? Share with us in the comment box below.

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