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Refashion Prom & Wedding Dresses
Do you have a prom dress hiding in your wardrobe that has never seen the daylight since prom night? What about you own a vintage wedding dress handed down from your mother or grandmother but its too old for today’s trend? If you have just attended your best friend’s wedding and think that’s the end of your bridesmaid dress, well think again.

There are many ideas on what you can do with your prom, formal & wedding dresses. One of the ideas is to refashion/upcycle/reconstruct/re-do/repurpose these dresses into a new form of clothing. Even if you don’t own any prom, wedding or formal dresses (which include cocktail, evening, bridesmaid dresses), you can always get them at thrift shops for a bargain. Then turn them into something new, better, modern and exciting. Give the dress a new life. Make it uniquely yours!

Remember you don’t have to be good at sewing to do this. All you need is a very good idea. Ever heard of a tailor? Of course if you like sewing why not try refashioning an evening gown or a cocktail dress today?

Check out these 55 intelligent & fun ways to refashion and upcycle prom, formal, wedding and bridesmaids dresses:

Prom & Formal Dresses Refashion:

1. Nicole turned a thrifted prom dress into a beautiful skirt.
1 Prom Dress Skirt

2. Miche’s yard sale 80’s prom dress refashioned into a super cute short dress.
2 80's Prom Dress Refashion

3. Madeline turned a vintage 70s dress into a stunning prom dress.
3 Prom Dress Vintage Upcycle

4. Jillian refashioned her loose fitting long gown into a stylish gala dress.
4 Gala Dress

5. Lori turned a prom dress into a cute top.
5 Prom Bombing

6. Lauren upcycled her prom dress into a poofy party skirt.
6 Prom Dress Refashion

7. Autumn refashioned her prom dress into a lovely skirt for Moth Ball 2013.
7 Prom Dress Refashion & Moth Ball 2013

8. Autumn turned a thrifted formal gown into a princess dress for her daughter.
8 Prom Dress to Princess Dress Up

9. Tara helped Paige refashioned her poorly constructed prom dress into a new look.
9 Prom Dress Refashion

10. Julia refashioned her prom dress into a ruched tulle skirt.
10 Prom Dress Refashion to Skirt

11. Dalia upcycled her evening gown into a lovely Christmas party dress.
11 Christmas Party Dress

12. A prom dress get upcycled into Pride & Prejudice theme prom dress.
12 Prom Dress Upcycle

13. Janice refashioned a white prom dress into a cute short prom dress.
13 White Prom Dress Refashion

14. A pink lace prom dress refashioned into an elegant party dress.
14 Pink Lace Prom Dress Refashion

15. Jesika refashioned her homecoming dress into a skirt.
15 Homecoming Dress Refashion

16. Alison refashioned her formal gown into a new look.
16 Formal Dress Refashion

17. Kilee refashioned an old formal dress into tulle skirt.
17 Formal Dress Refashion to Tulle Skirt
http://www.brassyapple.com/2014/04/diy-tulle-skirt-refashion.html or

18. Two formal dresses refashioned into an elegant formal dress.
18 Two Formal Dresses Refashion

19. Carissa refashioned a prom dress, lace tee and top half wedding dress into a perfect party dress.
19 Prom Dress, Lace Tee & Top Half Wedding Dress Refashion

20. Stephanie upcycled her Christmas formal dress to a sassy red dress.
20 Red Formal Dress Refashion

21. A lace prom dress refashioned into a lovely skirt.
21 Lace Prom Dress Refashion

22. Birgitte redo a satin gown into an everyday dress.
22 Satin Gown Refashion

23. A sky blue lace formal dress transformed into a lovely party dress.
23 Blue Lace Formal Dress Refashion

24. A purple prom dress upcyled into a sexy prom dress.
24 Purple Prom Dress Refashion

Wedding & Bridesmaids Dresses Refashion:

25. Jillian refashioned her not-to-be wedding dress into a chic party dress.
25 Wedding Dress Refashion

26. Marisa refashioned a wedding dress into a cute formal dress.
26 Wedding Dress Refashion To Blue Prom Dress

27. Lisa refashioned a vintage wedding dress into a stunning prom dress for her daughter.
27 Vintage Wedding Dress Refashion To Prom Dress

28. A wedding dress upcycled into a sexy prom dress.
28 Wedding Dress Refashion To Prom Dress

29. Starla trashed her wedding dress with colorful paint and then refashioned it to become a hi-lo formal dress.
29 Wedding Dress Refashion To Hi-lo Formal Dress

30. A strapless wedding dress refashioned into a fun party dress.
30 Wedding Dress Repurpose Into Party Dress

31. Rachel refashioned a thrifted wedding dress into her dream wedding dress.
31 Vintage Wedding Dress Refashion

32. Reconstruction of a mother’s wedding dress.
32 Mother's Wedding Dress Refashion

33. A vintage wedding dress and lace dress refashioned into a modern wedding dress.
33 Grandma's Wedding Dress & Lace Dress Refashion Into Modern Wedding Dress

34. Carrisa transformed a wedding dress and 2 bridesmaid dresses into a princess Halloween dress.
34 Wedding Dress & Bridesmaids Dresses Refashion Into Halloween Dress

35. Emily refashioned a wedding dress into a chic looking party dress.
35 Wedding Dress Refashion Into Party Dress

36. A mother’s wedding dress refashioned into a trendy wedding dress.
36 Mother's Wedding Dress Refashion Into A Trendy Wedding Dress

37. Monica transformed a vintage wedding dress into a wedding dress of her dream.
37 Vintage Wedding Dress Transform Into A Modern Wedding Dress

38. Carrie upcyled a 90s wedding dress into a beautiful christening dress.
38 90s Wedding Dress Refashion

39. Claire reconstructed a wedding dress into a 50s tea-length wedding dress.
39 Wedding Dress Upcycle

40. Pam transformed her daughter’s wedding dress into an everyday dress plus a purse!
40 Wedding Dress Transformation Into An Everyday Dress

41. Mikalah refashioned a wedding dress into a beautiful knee-length dress.
41 Wedding Dress Redo

42. Melissa refashioned her grandmother’s 1949 wedding dress into a beautiful wedding dress.
42 Grandma's Wedding Dress Refashion

43. Karyn upcycled her wedding dress into a cocktail dress for her wedding anniversary.
43 Wedding Dress Refashion Into Cocktail Dress

44. Ellen reconstructed her wedding dress into a chic cocktail dress.
44 Wedding Dress Reconstruc Into Cocktail Dress

45. Amy refashion a 80s wedding dress into a modern wedding dress.
45 Wedding Dress Repurpose

46. Justine repurpose Annie’s eBay wedding dress into her dream wedding gown.
46 Wedding Dress Reconstruct

47. Nicky refashion her simple dress into a cute wedding dress.
47 Simple Dress Repurpose Into Wedding Dress

48. Marlena transformed a thrifted bridesmaid dress into a going-out dress.
48 Bridesmaid Dress Refashion

49. Carrie refashioned her bridesmaid silk dress into glamorous prom dress.
49 Bridesmaid Silk Dress Refashion

50. Becky converted her mom’s bridesmaid dress into a sexy party dress.
50 Bridesmaid Dress to Party Dress

51. Gracie refashioned her bridesmaid dress into a stunning maxi dress.
51 Bridesmaid Dress & Tank Top Refashion to Maxi Dress

52. Chichi transformed Lucy’s bridesmaid dress into a sexy skirt.
52 Bridesmaid Dress Refashion To A Skirt

53. Sarah repurposed her long bridesmaid dress into a short one for another friend’s wedding.
53 Bridesmaid Dress Repurpose

54. Kaitlin refashioned her two bridesmaid dress into a new dress.
54 Two Bridesmaid Dress Repurpose

55. A pretty in pink bridesmaid dress gets a refashion.
55 Bridesmaid Dress Refashion

What do you think? Are you up for the refashion challenge?
Let us know of your refashioned outcome in the comment.

Do you know any other interesting prom, wedding or bridesmaids refashion idea/post? Share them in the comment below too.

15 thoughts on “55 Intelligent & Fun Ways To Refashion Prom, Wedding & Formal Dresses

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  2. Reply Julie Snow Oct 7,2014 4:47 am

    Thank you for featuring my Pride & Prejudice dress refashion! Your blog and this post are wonderful!!! So many neat ideas!!

  3. Reply Mary Grace Dec 31,2014 8:51 pm

    Great compilation of projects! I love seeing all the different ways a single dress can be transformed. Thank you for putting this together, I feel inspired, yet again!

  4. Reply Refashion Tutorials Mar 21,2015 3:52 am

    Formal dresses are difficult to refashion for a variety of reasons (sentimental value, over-abundance of fabric, fabric generally dictates that the refashion still needs to be formal …) so it’s nice to see a collection like this.

  5. Reply Janet May 8,2015 9:37 pm

    I always liked the idea of wearing my moms wedding dress when I got married, but my mom was much shorter than I was and better endowed. She told me I could remake her wedding dress…originally handmade by my grandmother…and between my mom, my aunt, and myself…we did just that. I remade my moms 60’s gown into an edwardian inspired one. Love to share the before and after with you, but don’t know how. I’d be happy to email them to you directly and you can post them if you like. :)

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  7. Reply MPaula May 19,2015 2:20 am

    I can’t imagine doing this myself but these are great inspiration. My favs are #14 and #28. I am pinning this … just in case :)

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  9. Reply Sadie Sep 23,2015 11:01 pm

    My favorites are numbers 4, 14, 27, 46 and 2. How very creative and imaginative! I am now rethinking how to repurpose some things I just could not let go of!

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