8 Great Ideas: What To Do With My Prom Dress After Prom?

So yes, you’ve attended your prom night, had the best of time with your date and BFFs with an amazing after-prom party. Now what?

Fast backward few weeks ago, you remember having just purchased your dream prom dress. You’ve never been happier in your life. It was the most beautiful dress EVER! You didn’t mind the price tag for prom night is a major event in any girl’s life. It doesn’t matter how you’ll deal with the dress after prom. You’ll think about it later.

Coming back to reality. Present.

You’re staring at your prom dress and asking yourself…

Now what?
What do I do with my prom dress??

prom dress
Source: scnow.com

As daunting as it may seem, worry not.

Saving you from major headache, we have 8 great ideas to help you deal with your prom dress.

1. Keep It

Why not? Keep it to cherish the good memories of prom night. Whether you’re keeping the dress for sentimental value or because it’s expensive (see no. 2 for better idea), storing the dress properly will help keep the dress looking new and reduce tear.

2. Sell It

If you decide you’re not going to keep it or wear it anymore, selling the dress is the next best choice. You can sell it on auction sites like ebay or to resale boutique and even to friends. Getting back some of the cash is a smart idea. ;)

3. Reuse For Other Formal Events

Remember you still have university ball, graduation and homecoming to go about. Reuse the prom dress for one of these functions. Also think about wearing to wedding and formal party and dinner if you see the dress fit. Provided the prom dress is too costumey/fancy (see no. 7) then it’s not a good choice to reuse.

4. Pass On To Family/Relatives

It’s always a good thing to be generous and helpful. Do your sister or niece a big favor by handing down your fabulous prom dress to them. Unless they’re throwing a tantrum and want a new dress!

5. Donate To Charity

Instead of having your prom dress collecting dust, why not donate it to charity? Remember not everyone could afford a prom dress. Help other girls feel happy and beautiful on that special night!

    Donation programs:
    1. DonateMyDress.org
    2. Fairy Godmothers Inc.
    3. Operation PROM
    4. Cinderella’s Closet

    Past events:
    1. Prom dress drive benefiting girls in foster care.
    2. Prom Dresses for $10? One Cinnaminson Teen is Making it Happen.

6. Alter It

If you’re creative and good in tailoring, why not alter your prom dress into another special occasion dress? You could shorten the dress or change/remove the embellishments. Or even make a separate top and skirt out of it. Even if you’re clueless about sewing, you could hire a seamstress to make changes to the dress. What’s not to be happy about with a new redesigned outfit? ;) You can check out these fun and intelligent refashion ideas!

7. Turn Into Halloween Or Fancy Dress Costume

Well, a girl gotta do what a girl think is right. Be innovative! Modify your prom dress into a fancy costume. Base on the style of the dress, think of the themes you can create with the dress. Add props, put on makeup and you’re ready to roll.

halloween costume
Halloween costume from prom dress.
Source: Squidoo

8. Re-purpose Into Pillow, Quilt, Etc

Put your excellent crafting and sewing skill into good use. Try re-purposing your prom dress into pillow or quilt. You could also make throw pillow, napkin, bedsheet, curtain, fancy purse or stuffed animals out of the dress. The final result? A very happy you and a new craft to show off!

throw pillow 2 throw pillow 1
Throw pillows made from bridesmaid dress and prom dress.
Source: examiner.com, three dogs at home

wedding dress quilt
Wedding dress quilt.
Source: Quilts by Cindy

p/s: Ideas mentioned above can be applied to other special occasion dresses as well.

Do you have other suggestion?

Feel free to leave your comment and let us know. :)

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