Beautiful Bride In Orange Wedding Dress

Remember few months back, we shared with you a beautiful tailor made orange wedding dress?

The bride, Johanna had just sent us her wedding pictures. Her wedding took place in September in Finland.

Johanna In Orange Wedding Dress With Her Groom

Johanna said:
I really felt like a princess and oh the amount of compliments I received of the dress, it was awesome!

And my honey bunny looks are really nice in his orange/black suit =) In my opinion it was crucial that honey bunny’s orange was exactly the same color with my dress, thank you very much for that also!

The day was absolutely perfect! They said the whole week that it will rain. It did rain, a lot! We had the church booked at 15.45 and the enormous rain ended around 14.00 and did not continue. In the evening we even saw the sunset…

Thank you very much again for my absolutely perfect wedding dress!

From us at Paris Ciel:
You’re most welcome Johanna. You look spectacular in the wedding dress and your handsome husband look dapper and smart. The sun enhanced the orange wedding dress and made you shine so gorgeously.

Many congratulations! May you two be blessed with love that grows richer, deeper and stronger with each passing day.

Johanna In Orange Wedding Dress With Her Groom

Johanna In Her Gorgeous Orange Wedding Dress
The black lace up that we specially made for Johanna. The dress were initially made with zipper.

Johanna bridesmaids’ dresses were also made by us. She added “My beautiful bridesmaids really liked their dresses and damn they looked good!”

Johanna's Bridesmaids In Lovely Black

The groom’s vest and tie were made with the fabric provided by us so that the color matches with the bride’s dress.

Johanna & Her Husband With Bridesmaids & Groomsmen

Have a wonderful married life you two! ;)

Get the orange wedding dress here and the black bridesmaid dress here.

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