Best Wedding Guest Outfit For Your Body Shape

Best Wedding Guest Outfit For Your Body Shape
As a wedding guest, I’m pretty sure you want to look your finest at the wedding. Though you shouldn’t dress to upstage the bride, you still want to look your best don’t you? A cute and unique wedding guest dress is a tempting option. One of the surefire way is to dress according to your body shape to show off your flattering curves and at the same time to camouflage the undesirable area.

To stamp your mark as the best-dressed wedding guest, here are our outfit inspiration based on your body shape:

I’m pear shaped:

Wedding Guest Outfit for Pear Shaped
Wear lace, embellishment and patterns at upper body to attract attention at your top part. A-line is your best friend.

For more tips & tricks to dressing pear shaped body, follow this guide.

Photo credit: Nordstrom, Monsoon, John Lewis

I’m broad shoulders / inverted triangle:

Wedding Guest Outfit for Broad Shoulders
Wear V-neck or wide straps with flares out bottom. A-line and shift dress are attractive on you too.

Read this guide on dressing for broad shoulders.

Photo credit: John Lewis, Nordstrom

I’m banana shaped:

Wedding Guest Outfit for Banana Shaped
Wear empire waistline dress to showcase your narrowest point which is just below your bust. Peplum and dresses with top and bottom detailing gives curvy silhouette.

Check out how to dress for banana body shape here.

Photo credit: Nordstrom, Paris Ciel

I’m apple shaped:

Wedding Guest Outfit for Apple Shaped
Wear V-neck and empire dress to draw attention upward and cover your belly. Packed prints are good at hiding details and will make you look slimmer especially at your waist.

Refer this guide for dressing for apple body shape.

Photo credit: Nordstrom, John Lewis

I’m hourglass shaped:

Wedding Guest Outfit for Hourglass Shaped
Wear waist defined, figure sculpting and bodycon dress to show off your gorgeous curves.

See this dressing for hourglass shape guide for more fashion ideas.

Photo credit: Nordstrom

Now tell me, do you follow the body shape rules when choosing your wedding guest outfit?

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