What To Bring & Wear To My Wedding Dress Fitting?

What To Bring & Wear To My Wedding Dress Fitting
Aren’t you excited to be going to your first wedding dress fitting? Those butterflies in your stomach and excitement ain’t making it easy, right? Having a fun time at your first dress fitting means bringing the right ‘apparatus’ to assist you during the fitting. It’s not just about bringing the best ‘me’ to the appointment. You need the right tools to make your process less stressful and also to assist you during your dress fitting. And that’s what we’re here for; to guide you on what exactly you should bring and wear to your wedding dress fitting!

1 Wedding Undergarments
1. Wedding undergarments
Before the actual dress fitting, bridal shops will normally advise you the proper undergarments to bring and wear for your dress fitting. Bring your actual wedding undergarments to the fitting so you know how they really fit with your wedding dress. Make sure to get a proper fitting bra because it will not only lift your busts but also shape and support your body so that the wedding dress looks perfect on you. This hold the same for other undergarments too like slips, underwear (full coverage is preferable), etc. For lace or sheer wedding dress, it’s advisable to go for nude color bra. Choose one that is darker than your skin tone. For opaque wedding dress, you may choose to wear white or nude color bra. If your wedding dress is strapless, then bring a strapless bra. Some bridal shops will provide you with bra, shapewear slips, corset and the likes during your dress fitting if you didn’t bring yours.

2 Wedding Heels
2. Wedding heels
Bring the heels you will be wearing on your wedding day for the fitting. The height of the heels will impact how high or low the dress hem is from the floor. That way you will find out if the wedding dress height suit you and if not, you might want to alter the dress hem. If you haven’t bought your wedding heels, you can bring one that is similar in height with the one you intend to wear on your wedding.

3 Wedding Jewelries
3. Wedding jewelries
You may have too many jewelries you want to wear on your big day. Bring them along and pick the ones that suit your wedding dress. Although it doesn’t affect the fitting of your dress, at least it gives you peace of mind. One task out of the window!

4 Wedding Hair Accessory
4. Wedding hair accessories
Some of you may already pick you wedding hair accessories ahead of your wedding dress. Now is the perfect time to test them out. Does the veil fall nicely over your dress? Does the floral design on your comb pin match the dress design? If not, you may have to look for another suitable comb pin. Before choosing your wedding hair accessories, we recommend you to read this useful guide.

5 Mom
5. Your mom and maid of honor
Who should you bring to your dress fitting? The best answer is your mom as mom knows what’s best for you. She can offer you her honest view. Second best person to bring to your fitting is your maid of honor. Besides offering her opinion, she also needs to learn how to bustle your gown and do your corset back (if you have one). You might also think of bringing along your future mom-in-law or bridesmaids. To be honest, it’s never too good to have a large amount of people to your fitting as mix opinion can hinder your overall experience and make the fitting a stressful affair.

6 Wedding Notebook
6. Notebook
A notebook is a good assistant when you want to remember what you have discussed with the bridal shop consultant and/or seamstress. Write down all the important points so you can keep abreast with the progress of your wedding dress fitting.

7 Wedding Camera
7. Camera
Almost always, after purchasing your wedding gown, you’re allowed to take photos of your dress. So bring along a camera to your fitting. Snap photos and take videos when you’re walking, sitting, etc so you know how the dress looks like. From the photos or videos you took, you might find additional information you’ve missed out. You could also take photos of the areas where it needs alternation so you remember exactly where. With the photos of you in your wedding dress, you could also show it to your hairstylist so that he/she can come up with a pretty wedding hairdo for you. Also, take photos to capture the moments!

8 Checkbook
8. Checkbook or credit card
Some bridal shops will offer you a flat fee for your dress alternation which you can find out before purchasing the dress while others might charge according to how much work is needed only after you did your fitting. If it’s the latter case, you will need to bring your checkbook or credit card with you. Sometimes you will end up purchasing bra, slips or crinoline from the bridal shops too so it’s wise to have your checkbook/card ready.

9 No Makeup
9. No makeup
Don’t wear makeup when going to your dress fitting or if it’s not possible, you can remove your makeup at the bridal shop just before trying out your gown. The reason is because your lipstick, eyeliner or powder might rub off the dress and you will then have to spend extra cash to have it cleaned.

10 Water
10. Water & snacks
Your dress fitting may take an hour to three hours if there are plenty of alternation need to be done. Bring a bottle of water and some snacks in case you get thirsty and hungry. Some bridal shop doesn’t allow food and in this case, make sure you feed yourself before going in for the fitting.

11 Hair Tie
11. Hair tie
If you have long hair and you don’t want it to impede your dress fitting moment, bring a hair tie to hold your hair. Tying your hair will also make it easier to button up or zip your wedding dress and for the seamstress to work around your gown.

12 Slip
12. Slip
Changing in front of everyone can be embarrassing. That means no thong. You might want to wear a slip to counter that. Besides, a slip can help add volume to your wedding dress and smooth out crease created by undergarments. If you’re lucky, some bridal shop will allow you to change in private but most often than not the consultant will help you change.

13 Wedding Dress Fitting
13. Your Understanding
In normal case, you will need at least 3 or more fittings to get the dress fit you like a glove. In your first fitting, the seamstress will decide what alteration need to be done such as adding bustle, shortening hem, reducing the waistline and so on. For your second fitting, you will try on the gown to make sure all the changes come out alright. Some small adjustment here and there might still be needed. In your third fitting, if everything’s good then it’s all done and if not you will have to come back for another fitting. Bear in mind, all these will take place in few months period, therefore go with open heart and understanding that your wedding dress will need tweaking in order to make it perfect.

14 Lady
14. Don’t wear objects that will scrape your wedding dress
When having your wedding dress fitted, before getting on the dress remove any objects like hair pins, rings, watch, necklace, bracelets, earrings. Better still, don’t wear them to the fitting. You don’t want them to hook or scrape the delicate lace, embroidery or fabric of your wedding dress. Also have your nails trim and don’t wear beaded or lace undergarments before coming to your fitting.

15 Comfortable Clothing
15. Wear comfortable clothing
When going to your dress fitting, there is no rules on what you can or cannot wear. You can put on a comfy top with long pants or short or you could wear a dress. Anything’s good.

16 Wedding Gown
16. Wedding gown
So you decided to have your dress alteration done by a tailor instead of the bridal shop. Besides undergarments, shoes, jewelries, etc which we discussed above, make sure you remember to bring your gown to the fitting as well!

Do you have any suggestions to add on what to bring and wear to your wedding dress fitting? Share with us in the comment below.

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