Christmas Party Dress Ideas For 40s++ Women

Christmas Party Dresses For 40s Women & Beyond

Christmas is a wonderful time of the year!

Family get-together, lots of yummy food (think turkey, pudding, bûche de Noël), Christmas tree (oh yeah!), lights and decorations, gifts giving and the merry atmosphere… you can’t help but feel magical about it.

And then there’s the Christmas stress that haunt nearly all women of all ages… the pressure of getting the best holiday party outfit! Women in the 40s, 50s and over might find it a little more difficult in this department. What Christmas party dress is age appropriate for women in the 40s and beyond? What kind of Christmas dress style for women in the 40s and over that are elegant without being dowdy and trendy without being tacky?

Here are some great Christmas party dress ideas for the 40s women and beyond:

1. Go stylish with bateau.
Christmas party dresses with bateau neckline is especially stylish. It draws the eyes upward to your collarbones, away from trouble areas below. This neckline will never go out of style. It represents a woman’s maturity.

Stylish Bateau Christmas Party Dress For 40s Women & Beyond
Source: Floral Lace Fuchsia Evening Dress and Bateau Purple Evening Dress

2. Glitzy with sequins.
Nope, you’re never too old to wear sequins. It’s not about how much shimmer is on the dress. It’s about how the sequins and style marry each other. These two dresses with different length doesn’t scream tacky. They are in fact really elegant and perfect for gorgeous older women.

Glitzy Sequins Christmas Party Dress For 40s Women & Beyond
Source: Silver Sequins Evening Dress and Sequin Mesh Ruched Sheath Dress

3. Colors dare!
Black, red, silver and white are regular colors choices for holiday party evening dress. Sticking to these colors will make you look lost in the sea of crowds as almost everyone are dressed in the same tones.

Queen Elizabeth Fashion
Source: CNN

Therefore… I color dare you to choose an uncommon color. Remember, age doesn’t define what color you can or cannot wear. You can still rock in any colors. One good example is Queen Elizabeth II. She’s one fine lady who never shy away from colors!

Color Dare Christmas Party Dress For 40s Women & Beyond
Source: Panel Lace Watermelon Party Dress and Deep V Back Golden Party Dress

4. Lace power.
Christmas party and lace… ohh you can never go wrong with that. Party dress or evening dress with lace adds texture and provides glorious impression to the wearer. This type of dress will need very minimal accessory as lace itself can stand and shine on its own.

Lace Christmas Party Dress For 40s Women & Beyond
Source: Lace Jewel Celebrity Dress and V-Neck Candy Pink Lace Party Dress

5. Christmas color blocking.
I’m pretty sure you’ve heard of color blocking. Aye? The cool thing is color blocking is not meant for the young only. We, the older generation too can spot this fashion-forward style. Do note that dark colors will conceal problem areas whereas bold or light colors will attract attention. Remember this rule and choose the most appropriate Christmas color blocking party dress.

Color Block Christmas Party Dress For 40s Women & Beyond
Source: Blue & Black Color Block Evening Dress and Colorblock Sheath Dress

6. Prints are fun.
Prints are fun and make you look livelier and exciting. The elders in my family are always wearing prints. According to them, plain clothing make them look older. Prints can help camouflage undesirable areas especially us women at 50+ of age.

Do you wear prints? If not, make it a point to wear prints this Christmas. Check out this useful guide on how to wear prints.

Prints Christmas Party Dress For 40s Women & Beyond
Source: Rose Jacquard Fit & Flare Dress and Superb Floral Evening Dress

What do you think of the above Christmas party dress ideas for women in the 40s and beyond? Any particular dress that catches your attention?

Show us your Christmas party dress by leaving your photo link in the comment box below. Let’s share and learn. :)

Source: Classy Bateau Embroidered Evening Dress, Egyptian Green Bateau Evening Dress, Sweet Bateau Burgundy Evening Dress and Elegant Lace Backless Jade Evening Dress.

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