The Little Guide To Chiffon Evening Dresses

The Little Guide To Chiffon Evening Dresses

When you’re looking to purchase an evening dress, do you take into account the material (textile/fabric) used to make the gown?


You should.

Evening dresses are made from variety of fabrics and they are more expensive than your casual clothing. Knowing the characteristics of the fabric means you understand the advantages and disadvantages of each fabric. That way, you won’t make a blunt move or wrong choice when deciding which evening dress to purchase.

Presenting the little guide to chiffon evening dresses…

One of the most popular fabrics use in evening dress is chiffon. Chiffon is lightweight and sheer. It’s these characteristics that make chiffon a very sought-after fabric in evening dress, bridesmaids dress and wedding dress. If you want to learn and know more about chiffon, feel free to check out this beginner’s guide to chiffon fabric.

Types of chiffon evening dresses

Chiffon evening dresses made from silk is the most luxurious of all. Because silk-based chiffon is made from natural fibers (silkworms), they are very delicate and subject to wear and tear. Chiffon are also made from synthetic fibers like polyester and nylon.

FYI, chiffon evening dresses made in Paris Ciel mostly uses polyester, nylon and rayon because they are more durable and affordable. Silk-based chiffon are more commonly found in our deluxe collection, Première.

The charm ♥ of chiffon evening dresses

What makes chiffon evening dresses so attractive and delightful?

As mentioned earlier, the lightweightness and sheer characteristics are what made chiffon so desirable. When you wear a chiffon evening dress, you’ll feel very elegant and feminine. What’s more? The layering and draping of chiffon evening dress gives a flowy outcome as you move and dance! Also the breathability and airy attributes make chiffon evening dress so comfy to wear. And lastly, the translucent feature give chiffon evening dresses an extra plus point. Can you guess what? It’s allure, baby!

The many uses of chiffon in evening dresses

1. Chiffon is used as the whole component of an evening dress.
This means the entire evening dress is made from chiffon only. It can consist of only one color, multicolors (e.g. two or more colors or ombre) or prints.

Formal dresses of this kind usually showcase its beauty with ruching, pleating, layering, draping or ruffles. Embellishment like beads, appliques and embroideries are also use.

Chiffon Evening Dresses
Left: Chic one shoulder pearl pink chiffon evening dress
Right: Lovely V-neck multicolored chiffon evening dress

2. Chiffon is paired with other fabric.
Here chiffon is combined with another fabric (e.g. lace, tulle or organza) to form beautiful evening dress. Depending on design, embroideries, beads and appliques will be included too.

Chiffon Evening Dresses
Left: Adorable V-neck ink blue chiffon evening dress
Right: Elegant V-neck silver chiffon evening dress

3. Chiffon as transparent skirt.
Because chiffon is transparent, an underlayer is usually added to the dress to avoid see-through. When the design calls for sheer chiffon skirt, there will be no additional layer underneath the chiffon. As a result, your legs can be seen. These type of evening dresses are usually more popular with women in their 20s and 30s.

Chiffon Evening Dresses
Left: Sexy one shoulder royal blue chiffon evening dress
Right: Sparkly lilac chiffon evening dress

4. Chiffon as train.
Besides playing the main part in an evening dress, chiffon can also be part of the dress’ train. A train can trail from behind a dress, shoulder(s) or upper bodice. As chiffon is light, the train will create graceful movement as you walk.

Chiffon Evening Dresses
Left: Dazzling Grecian pearl pink chiffon evening dress
Right: Sweetheart ruby chiffon evening dress

5. Chiffon as applique.
Appliques on evening dresses can be made from chiffon too. They ranges from hand-stitched or iron-on 2D appliques and 3D appliques which are usually in the form of ethereal florals. Chiffon applique adds beauty and femininity to the wearer of the evening dress.

Chiffon Evening Dresses
Left: Stunning lime green chiffon evening dress
Right: Graceful candy pink chiffon evening dress

Which evening dress silhouette are often made with chiffon?

Chiffon Evening Dresses
Left: Sumptuous golden chiffon evening dress
Right: Spectacular ivory chiffon evening dress

A-line evening dress is the most popular silhouette made with chiffon. The floating appearance is what makes this combination unique. Together they are a force to be reckoned with – gentle, flattering and very stylish. The best thing of all? A-line dress which is fitted at the bodice with flared skirt is complimentary with most body types and shapes, including plus size curvy women.

Empire silhouette is the next popular combination. Least common silhouettes made from chiffon are trumpet, mermaid and ball gown.

Additional tip:

When you are looking to purchase chiffon evening gown from physical store, how do you know which ones are chiffon evening dresses? You will either know the fabric from experience or you can ask the salesperson to guide you. Alternatively you can refer to the dress label for information.

If you are purchasing chiffon evening dress from online boutique, you can refer to dress photos for clue. At Paris Ciel, we list the dress attributes in a special table that includes the material use to make the dress.

Evening Dress Attributes

If the online store doesn’t list these kind of information, you can give them a call or email.

Want to learn how to wash chiffon evening dress? Check out this effective guide.

Conclusion: No matter which style you choose for your chiffon evening dress, one thing is certain. You can bet they are one of the comfiest and sophisticated evening dress out there!

Cover photo dresses links (from left to right): Sumptuous ruby chiffon evening dress, Lovely lilac chiffon evening dress and Sensational royal blue chiffon evening dress.

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