How To Choose White Evening Dresses For Special Occasions

How To Choose White Evening Dresses For Special Occasions

Are you thinking of buying a white evening dress? But you’re not too sure if you can pull it off? You actually don’t have the confidence to wear white. You’re also not sure if white is the appropriate color for the event you’re attending? Here are some tips we think will benefit you when choosing the perfect white evening gown for your formal event.


What is the meaning of white?

White convey the message of pure, sincerity, simplicity, faith, calm, bright, clean and so much more.

Can anyone wear white?

White as with other colors in the spectrum, come in various shades. Whether you’re dark-skinned tone, olive-skinned or fair-skinned tone, there will be shades of white which are suitable for your skin tone.

So yes. Anyone can wear white.

How do I know which shades of white is suitable for me?

There is no magic trick. You find out by simply trying different shades of white formal dresses. The one that you look the best in, is the perfect white for you.

Let’s take a moment and look at how celebrities wear white in formal red carpet events:

Celebrities in White Evening Dresses
Did you noticed from the above image, celebrities of various skin tones wear white evening dresses? Yes, you don’t have to be a certain skin tone to wear white as proven by the celebrities. Are you more confidence in wearing white now?

Lovely white evening dress
Lovely white evening dress.

What types of formal occasions can you wear white evening dresses?

You can wear white evening gowns to prom, debs, party, cocktail, play, opera, formal fundraising event, formal company party/dinner, formal corporate event, formal holiday party/dinner, award show, pageant and so much more.

In short, white evening dresses are perfect for any formal occasions but with one exception: wedding which is kinda in the grey area because it depends on the brides and the style of your dress.

In old times, you’re not suppose to wear white as a wedding guest for fear you might snatch the spotlight away from the bride. However in recent times, there are many instances where wedding guests have been seen wearing white.

If you want to wear white evening dress to a wedding, it’s wise to consider/do two things.
1. First, ask the bride if it’s okay to wear white.

2. Choose a white evening dress that doesn’t resemble a wedding dress. How to wear a white evening dress that doesn’t resemble a wedding dress? Choose a dress with a combination of other colors or with patterns/prints of different color.

Advantages of wearing white evening dresses:

If you’re still not convince white evening gown is for you, here are the advantages of wearing one.

a. White attracts positive energy. I don’t think I’ve ever feel negative when I’m in white. Not only as a wearer of white, those who sees white will be influenced too. That’s why doctor, nurse, cook and spiritual gurus wear white. My yoga instructor always wear white and she even encourages us to wear white during her class.

b. If you are to spend lots of time under warm weather during the formal event or the place has lots of lights, it can be quite hot what more in a long gown. The solution? Wear a white evening dress! The color white is the best heat reflector thus will absorb less heat making you more comfortable than those wearing dark or black evening dresses.

c. If you have double chin, here’s another reason to wear white. Wearing white can make your double chin disappear. Seriously. Watch this video by Imogen Lamport to understand why:

What are the other advantages of wearing white evening dress? Share with us in the comment below. We love to hear what you think.

What you need to know when choosing white evening dresses:

1. White is the lightest of all colors hence in many instances, a white evening dress can sometime see-through your undergarments. When you shop for white evening dress, make sure the dress is not transparent. Select a solid or opaque white fabric.

2. If you want to go ahead and purchase the see-through white formal gown, make sure you wear suitable undergarments. A full slip is useful for full cover-up if the entire dress is transparent. Choose slip in the color of your skin tone.

3. Remember color of the undergarments plays an important role too. The best colors for undergarments when you’re wearing white evening gown are the ones that match nearest to your skin tone. It can be nude, beige, tan or darker color if you have dark or brown skin tone. I bet you thought white undergarments are the best choice for white formal gown, huh? Wrong, white undergarments are in fact visible through white because it’s more noticeable compared to the skin tone.

4. Whenever possible, choose good quality white evening gowns because high quality evening dresses are usually fully lined. What this means is that there is a thin layer of extra fabric inside the dress. With a fully lined evening dress, you’ll feel more comfortable and you do not have a reason to wear slip. For Paris Ciel, you can be assured that all our formal dresses are fully lined.

Chic white evening dress
Chic white evening dress.

Things to keep in mind when considering white color evening dress:

1. If you’re naturally clumsy like occasionally spilling things or knocking into stuff, it’s not encourage to choose white dress as your formal gown for you might end up staining the dress.

2. The location of the event will help you decide if white is a suitable color to wear. If you’re attending an outdoor formal event like a wedding barn reception or formal party at the beach, chances of getting a white evening gown marked in dirt is higher.

3. If you’re attending the special occasion with small children or baby, you will need to think twice before choosing a white gown. Children and babies are adventurous, a dirty hand on your white evening dress will not be a pleasant situation.

4. If the special occasion clashes with your period timing (I’m sure you keep a tab on it), plan ahead whether white is a wise choice for your formal gown. If you’re worry it may leak, then choose a darker evening gown. But if you are confident you have the right protection, then go ahead with white.

5. Be alert if you’re to attend the special occasion near water such as yacht, beach, pool, fountain, etc. White formal dresses tend to become transparent when wet.

The secrets to selecting a white evening dress that matches you…

Are to find one that complement your body shape and skin tone. For body shape tips, you can check out these actionable guides supported with helpful images (remember, these are just guides, NOT RULES):

1. Style tips for pear-shaped body.
2. Style tips for banana-shaped body.
3. Style tips for inverted triangle-shaped body.
4. Style tips for apple-shaped body.
5. Style tips for hourglass-shaped body.

Divine white evening dress
Divine white evening dress.

Is white evening dress limited to certain seasons?

What do you think of wearing a long white formal dress during fall and/or winter? Do you think it’s a fashion faux pas?

I’d say this: The heck with all the fashion rules because there is no fashion rules. White is good for fall and white is good for winter, spring and summer. You create your own style with your creativity. White evening gown is good for all year long and not limited to certain seasons.

Here’s a really good quote which echo what I said:

Style is whatever you want to do, if you can do it with confidence.
by George Clinton

A minimalist or intricate white formal evening gowns?

A minimalist white evening gown such as one worn by Rihanna below will certainly get the crowd talking as it’s stylish, modern and chic. White is nice when it is in its minimalist form.

Rihanna at Met Gala 2014

Here are a couple examples of minimalist evening gowns from Paris Ciel’s secret vault:

Strapless white evening dress
Strapless white evening dress.

V-neck white evening dress
V-neck white evening dress.

One shoulder white evening dress
One shoulder white evening dress.

V-neck white evening dress
V-neck white evening dress.

V-neck white evening dress
V-neck white evening dress.

White evening dresses for women formal are also beautiful and interesting if you play it up with lace, beads, embroidery, sheer fabric, prints, bow or a mixture of different fabric and cut.

Here are a some of our favorites Paris Ciel’s white evening dresses:
Bonus: we also cater for plus size women :)

Glamorous white evening dress
Glamorous white evening dress.

Sweetheart white evening dress
Sweetheart white evening dress.

Fur-tastic white evening dress
Fur-tastic white evening dress.

Starstrucked white evening dress
Starstrucked white evening dress.

Elegant white evening dress
Elegant white evening dress.

Halter white evening dress
Halter white evening dress.

Glamorous white evening dress
Glamorous white evening dress.

Simple white evening dress
Simple white evening dress.

White evening dresses for brides:

You do know right, if you’re a bride looking for a wedding dress but are not too keen on regular wedding dresses, you will always have other choices. One of them is to get a white evening dress instead. The BIG plus point is that evening dress is much less expensive than a wedding dress. The money saved can be put into good use like your dream honeymoon destination.

Here are our exclusive selection of white evening dresses for brides looking for alternatives:

Chic white evening dress
Chic white evening dress.

Superb white evening dress
Superb white evening dress.

Feminine white evening dress
Feminine white evening dress.

Pretty white evening dress
Pretty white evening dress.

Charming white evening dress
Charming white evening dress.

Elegant white evening dress
Elegant white evening dress.

Beautiful white evening dress
Beautiful white evening dress.

Styling white evening dresses:

I admit, white evening dress can look a little too bland sometimes. What can you do about it? Styling it with accessories, hair and makeup! We’re going to touch a little bit about accessory here.

If you choose a minimalist white dress, don’t go overboard with your accessory. Keep it at minimal so it doesn’t mangle the look you’re trying to exude which is minimalism. It can also be like this: you choose a minimalist white formal dress so that you can spice up with your accessory. It’s a good idea too!

If you choose an intricate white gown, again I have to stress with not going overboard with accessory because you don’t want the accessory to outshine your dress or you.

Of course, if the look you’re looking for = over the top, you’re welcome to go all in with your accessories.

To create a contrasting look, choose shoes and bags in black, red, yellow or blue.
Wearing White Evening Dress With Contrasting Color Accessories
Splendid white evening dress.

For an understated elegance look, go for gold, silver, nude or camel shoes and bags.
Wearing White Evening Dress With Understated Color Accessories
Graceful white evening dress.

Printed shoes and bags are also good alternative. What about white shoes and bags on white formal dress? Personally I think this color sits on the fence. It can look out of place and also classy depending on the dress style and how you carry the whole look.

What about jewelries? Follow the recommendation above depending which look you’re going for. Gold or metallic color jewelries looks awesome on white.

Extra tip: You can also accessorize your white evening dress with a stunning bolero or wrap.


White formal dresses are an interesting choice for special occasions. It offers flexibility in that you can play with it like a blank sheet of white paper with color pencils.

I end this post with the hope that you’re now more confident in wearing white evening dresses. No more afraid of white, okay? Dare to challenge yourself. Don’t think you can pull it off? Nah, everyone can. It’s just a matter of how you do it. ;)

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Cover photo dresses (clockwise from left): chic white evening dress, simple white evening dress & adorable white evening dress.

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