What To Pack In My Wedding Day Emergency Kit?

Wedding Day Survival Kit

Whether you want to call it as wedding day emergency kit or wedding day survival kit, they meant the same thing. Not to be confused with wedding purse essential which store more commonly use item in a small evening/bridal purse for the bride.

Wedding day emergency kit is as the name suggest for emergency and are store in much larger bag and contain items you would need for the bride, groom, bridesmaids, groomsmen and even mother of the bride and sometimes guests. Of course we hope nothing would go wrong on the happiest day of your life. :) One can never be too careful in the face of emergency.

A ripped wedding gown call for a double side tape or hem tape, a groom who forgot to brush his teeth will need a toothbrush and toothpaste, a blister leg will need the blister balm and so on. According to Murphy’s law: Whatever can go wrong, will go wrong. Remember that.

So, what should you pack for your wedding day emergency kit? Here is a comprehensive list for your reference. Feel free to take out and add more items which you think will be needed when wedding day crisis arises/come knocking. Click here to get the Wedding Day Emergency Kit List in pdf.

Wedding day emergency kit list:

Wedding Day Emergency Kit List

Who should prepare this wedding day emergency kit? It should be the bridesmaids or maid of honor with the help of groomsmen. You can also separate out and make a bride-only and groom-only emergency kit (under the responsibility of groomsmen).

You can pack the emergency kit in a suitcase or smaller bags under the responsibility of several bridesmaids and place in an easy to reach place. Remember to make a checklist on what’s inside each bag. List the help of a family member or bridesmaid/groomsman to carry the bag to the wedding ceremony and reception.

What other items would you suggest to pack in your emergency wedding day kit?

To newlyweds, did you have a wedding day emergency? What was the emergency and how did you solved it?

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