From Real Weddings: Inspiration for Mother of the Bride Dresses

From Real Weddings-Inspiration for Mother of the Bride Dresses

Dear mother of the bride, congratulations on your daughter’s upcoming nuptial. An amazing day is waiting ahead. Your heart is skipping happily and you are superbly thrill. It’s good to know the guidelines on what you can wear and cannot wear to the wedding before you start your mother of the bride dress searching.

No idea what style, length or color mother of the bride dress to look out for? No worry. We are sharing with you below what other mother of the brides wore from real weddings! I hope these photos will help you to finding your perfect mother of the bride dresses. :)

1. Lindsay and Matt wanted an intimate destination wedding and got married in an 18th century private estate outside of Versailles, France. The color of the wedding were champagne, cream, gold and navy. Lindsay’s mother wore a beautiful long sleeves gray dress with dazzling beads.

From Real Weddings-Gray Mother of the Bride Dress

See photos from Lindsay and Matt’s nuptial.
Recommendation: V-neck silver dress

2. Rachel and Tim’s wedding is a true old-fashioned garden wedding on a lovely spring day with the prettiest wedding palette; blue, mint, pink, coral and turquoise. Rachel’s mom donned an amazing floral coral dress with statement necklace.

From Real Weddings-Coral Mother of the Bride Dress

Check out Rachel and Tim’s wedding photos here.
Recommendation: Panel watermelon dress

3. Connecticut’s Priam Vineyard was where Erika and Chris tied the knot. Their fall wedding color were gray and purple. Erika’s mom wore a strapless deep blue gown complete with a sheer shawl.

From Real Weddings-Deep Blue Mother of the Bride Dress

See more photos from Erika and Chris’ wedding.
Recommendation: Sweetheart royal blue dress

4. Maureen and Dave got married at the Chicago History Museum during summer with gold, light pink, pink and navy palette. Maureen’s mother wore a lovely gray-gold lace dress while the mother of the groom donned a royal navy ruched dress. Both mothers look so stylish.

From Real Weddings-Gray Gold Lace Mother of the Bride Dress

From Real Weddings-Royal Blue Mother of the Groom Dress

View photos of Maureen and Dave’s wedding here.
Recommendation: Floral champagne dress, charming bateau dress

5. Kyla and David’s private estate marriage in Shady Oaks Ranch, Napa Valley was amazing. Their wedding palette were lavender, light blue and light pink. Kyla walked down the aisle with her mother who wore a pretty deep plunging turquoise gown.

From Real Weddings-Turquoise Mother of the Bride Dress

Check out Kyla and David’s wedding photos.
Recommendation: V-neck pool dress

6. Shelley and David got married on the first day of summer at Caffino Restaurant in Toronto. Since it’s a transitional day between spring and summer the wedding color chosen was cheerful and fun. They were light pink, peach and pink. The mother of the bride wore a light brown floral lace knee length dress.

From Real Weddings-Light Brown Mother of the Bride Dress

See Shelley and David’s nuptial photos.
Recommendation: Lovely lace brown dress

7. As an event planner, Alexis has a lot to live up to in the planning of her own wedding. Her wedding ceremony to Brock took place at San Francisco’s Grace Cathedral and reception at James Leary Flood Mansion. The wedding color were gold, light pink and taupe. Alexis’ mom looked stunning in a red top complete with ruffles and black skirt.

From Real Weddings-Red Tops & Black Skirt Mother of the Bride Outfit

View more wedding photos of Alexis and Brock here.
Recommendation: V-neck ruby dress

8. Marian and David’s wedding took place at the lovely Lake Geneva, France~Switzerland. The wedding palette were blue and pink. Marian’s mom donned a chic yellow V-neck dress with jacket.

From Real Weddings-Yellow Mother of the Bride Dress

See wedding photos of Marian and David.
Recommendation: Charming V-neck daffodil dress

9. Jamie & Jacob met and fell in love in New York. Their New York wedding channelled the Old New York vibe with black, white and purple wedding color. Jamie’s mom wore a beautiful navy mother of the bride dress with rhinestones and beads embellishment on the shoulders.

From Real Weddings-Navy Mother of the Bride Dress

Check out Jamie and Jacob wedding photos.
Recommendation: V-neck dark navy dress, posh royal blue dress

10. The wedding of Ashley and Collin was pure beauty and the fact that it’s DIY made it even more precious. The wedding palette were red, green and taupe. Ashley’s mom wore an embellished top from Zara and long matching skirt.

From Real Weddings-Taupe Mother of the Bride Outfit

See photos from Ashley and Collin’s nuptial.
Recommendation: Elegant one shoulder dress

11. Beaver Creek, Colorado was where Amanda and Nick got married on summer August. This picture perfect wedding utilized the color of blush, light green and light pink. Amanda’s mother donned an asymmetrical coral dress.

From Real Weddings-Asymmetrical Coral Mother of the Bride Dress

View more photos of Amanda and Nick’s wedding.
Recommendation: Charming watermelon dress

12. Tamar and Aron’s wedding took place at Liberty Warehouse, New York. Their wedding color were maroon, orange and pink. Tamar’s mom wore a dazzling silver lace dress.

From Real Weddings-Silver Mother of the Bride Dress

See photos of Tamar and Aron’s wedding.
Recommendation: Bateau silver dress

13. Sara and Adam tied the knot at Adam’s childhood farm in British Columbia, Canada. The DIY wedding utilized orange, pink, purple and red as the wedding palette. Sara’s mom dressed in a blue paisley knee length dress.

From Real Weddings-Paisley Blue Mother of the Bride Dress

View wedding photos of Sara and Adam.
Recommendation: Tulip lace dress

14. Meredith and Oren got married at Meredith’s parents home in the outdoor garden. The wedding color were classic ivory and taupe. Meredith’s mom wore a stunning Carolina Herrera taupe dress.

From Real Weddings-Dazzling Taupe Mother of the Bride Dress

Check out photos of Meredith and Oren’s wedding.
Recommendation: Luxurious golden dress

15. The back garden of the Textile Museum was the location for Marika and Brandon’s beautiful nuptial. Their wedding color were light gray and gray. Marika’s mom wore a lovely purple mother of the bride dress.

From Real Weddings-Purple Mother of the Bride Dress

More photos of Marika and Brandon’s wedding.
Recommendation: Lovely regency dress

16. Josephine and Addam has a classic romantic wedding at Overnewton Castle, Melbourne. Josephine’s mother wore an elegant champagne knee-length dress from Danielas.

From Real Weddings-Champagne Mother of the Bride Dress

See photos of Josephine and Addam’s wedding.
Recommendation: Strapless champagne dress

17. Secret Garden met Downtown Abbey was Katie and Daniel’s romantic garden party theme. Blush, light blue, light pink and light yellow were their gorgeous wedding color. Katie’s mom was dressed in a stunning lace knee-length dress.

From Real Weddings-Lace Mother of the Bride Dress

View Katie and Daniel’s wedding photos.
Recommendation: Embroidered cream dress

18. Kate and Tanner’s wedding took place at the Ritz Carlton with glitz and glamour. Kate’s mom wore a beautiful sheer gray dress with embellishment by Jenny Packham.

From Real Weddings-Gray Mother of the Bride Dress

Check out photos of Kate and Tanner’s wedding.
Recommendation: Sublime silver dress

19. Lane and Jonathan got married at Rosemary Beach, Florida. Their wedding color were green plus ivory. Lane’s mom donned a graceful pastel green dress on the wedding day.

From Real Weddings-Pastel Green Mother of the Bride Dress

See Lane and Jonathan’s wedding photos.
Recomendation: Sweetheart sage dress

20. Rachel and Reed had a beautiful barn wedding in Texas with gray, light pink and mint as their wedding color. Rachel’s mom wore an intricate gold lace mother of the bride outfit.

From Real Weddings-Gold Lace Mother of the Bride Outfit

See more photos of Rachel and Reed’s wedding.
Recommendation: Elegant golden dress, embroidered golden dress

21. Kristin and Matthew exchanged their vows at the amazing Historic Cedarwood, Tennessee. Their wedding palette were ivory and lavender. Kristin’s mom wore a purple knee-length dress matching with the wedding color

From Real Weddings-Purple Mother of the Bride Dress

View photos of Kristin and Matthew’s wedding.
Recommendation: One shoulder regency dress, V-neck regency dress

22. Ashley and James had their wedding ceremony at Sacred Heart Catholic Church and reception at Glazer Children’s Museum at Florida. Ashley’s mom was dressed in a pale pink knee length dress.

From Real Weddings-Pale Pink Mother of the Bride Dress

See Ashley and James’ wedding photos.
Recommendation: Halter blushing dress, sweetheart blushing pink dress

23. Santa Monica Beach Club was Kate and Will’s wedding venue. Navy, orange and blush was their wedding color. Kate’s mom wore a cute matching navy dress.

From Real Weddings-Cute Navy Mother of the Bride Dress

Check out Kate and Will’s wedding photos.
Recommendation: Cute dark navy dress

24. Megan and Tripp got married at Barnsley Gardens Resort in Georgia. Megan’s mother was dressed in a stunning fuchsia gown.

From Real Weddings-Fuchsia Mother of the Bride Dress

View Megan and Tripp’s wedding photos.
Recommendation: Elegant fuchsia dress

25. Emily and Reese held their wedding ceremony at St. Paul’s Apostle Church and reception at The Retreat at Balcones Springs in Texas. Emily’s mom wore a beautiful knee length navy dress to go with the tone of the wedding.

From Real Weddings-Pretty Navy Mother of the Bride Dress

See photos of Emily and Reese’s wedding.
Recommendation: Vintage royal blue dress, lovely royal blue dress

26. Carolina and Daniel tied the knot at University of Virginia, the place where they met and fell in love. Sweet ain’t it? Carolina’s mom wore a lavender gown with matching sheer jacket.

From Real Weddings-Lavender Mother of the Bride Dress

View photos of Carolina and Daniel’s wedding.
Recommendation: Halter lavender dress, sublime lavender dress

27. Laura and Colby got married at Lowndes Grove, Charleston, South Carolina, a place where it hold very dear to the couple’s hearts. Laura’s mom wore an elegant metallic gold gown while Colby’s mother was dressed in a one shoulder pastel green gown.

From Real Weddings-Metallic Gold Mother of the Bride Dress & Pastel Green Mother of the Groom Dress

See Laura and Colby’s wedding photos.
Recommendation: Halter champagne dress

28. Kayla and Evan married at Emerson Creek Pottery and Tearoom, Illinois. Kayla wanted to be married at Emerson Creek even before she was engaged! The mother of the bride wore a V-neck fuchsia dress.

From Real Weddings-Fuchsia Mother of the Bride Gown

Check out Kayla and Evan’s wedding photos.
Recommendation: Splendid fuchsia dress

29. Chrissy and Danny got married at St. Patrick’s and had their reception at The Mansion at Natirar, New Jersey. Chrissy’s mom wore a beautiful navy lace dress.

From Real Weddings-Navy Lace Mother of the Bride Dress

View photos of Chrissy and Danny’s wedding.
Recommendation: Beautiful dark navy dress

30. Alyssa and Sam had a chic Texas wedding at The Prairie by Rachel Ashwell. Alyssa’s mom wore a sexy black halter dress. Yes, black!

From Real Weddings-Black Mother of the Bride Dress

See Alyssa and Sam’s wedding photos.
Recommendation: Chic lace dress, lovely black dress

Which mother of the bride dresses is your favorite? Share with us in the comment box below.

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