Roles & Duties Of Mother Of The Bride

Roles & Duties Of Mother Of The Bride

Are you a first time mother of the bride? And you’re not sure what you should be doing to help out the bride? Or you may well be a mother of the bride more than once but is a little confuse as to what are the duties of one? This article will help you to identify the roles & responsibilities of mother of the bride which by the way plays a big part in the wedding.

Roles & Duties Of Mother Of The Bride
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1. Provide support, praise and love as much as your daughter needs it. Listen to her dreams, wishes, anger and frustration.

2. Give advice and show your support in helping your daughter choose her dream bridal gown and other wedding attire and accessories.

3. Sometimes you will be asked to give input on bridesmaids & flower girl matter such as who to choose, dresses style and colors, etc.

4. Find a flattering mother of the bride dress. Know what you can wear and cannot wear for mother of the bride. Get mother of the bride dress inspiration from real weddings here.

Roles & Duties Of Mother Of The Bride
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5. Inform the mother of the groom the style and color you have chosen for your dress so she can choose a complimentary outfit. It would be good if you can show her the picture of your dress.

6. Help the bride and groom decide on their wedding budget including how much you and your husband are paying for the wedding.

7. Draw up the guest list on your family side and make sure the final guest list is decided as early as possible to ensure smooth planning. Also help out with groom’s side guest list. Usually you will also organize the RSVP lists.

8. Help out with limiting the number of total guests according to the wedding budget.

9. Book accommodation for distant guests of the bride’s family side.

Roles & Duties Of Mother Of The Bride
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10. If the bride wants to include tradition and family heirloom in the ceremony and reception, it’s your duty to take care and research this matter.

11. Help look for ceremony and wedding reception locations and also vendors.

12. Be the go-to contact person for florist, venues, baker, caterer, entertainer, etc particularly if the wedding is taking place at your town and your daughter is living elsewhere.

13. Host engagement announcement party, bridesmaid’s party and help organize rehearsal dinner. Sometimes you also co-host the bridal shower.

14. Help your daughter into her wedding dress and place the veil and jewelries on her.

Roles & Duties Of Mother Of The Bride
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15. Escort your daughter down the aisle (if the bride choose to have both mom and dad accompany her).

16. Help record down wedding gifts and name of givers.

17. Greet wedding guests at the ceremony and reception.

18. Take part on the dance floor. Dance with your husband and the groom.

19. Be in your best behavior during the wedding. That means no drunk fanfare, flirting or talking bad behind groom’s, groom’s family or guests’ back.

20. Give help whenever and wherever your daughter asks you to.

Roles & Duties Of Mother Of The Bride
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Remember, taking charge ALL the wedding matters is a no-no. Don’t forget it’s your daughter’s wedding! Ultimately she is to decide what kind of help she wants from you. To be the best mother of the bride, be there to support her emotionally and physically.

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