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Banana Shaped Body

What does banana, rectangle, ruler and the alphabet H have in common?

Doesn’t all of them remind you of evenly proportioned shape? Aha and you know what? There are women with this kind of shape. Whether it may be called banana body shape, rectangle body shape, ruler body shape or H body shape, they all point to the same meaning: a woman’s body shape which has almost the same width at shoulders, hips and also waist.

Literally it means your shoulders, hips and waist are pretty evenly proportioned. All these shapes: banana, rectangle, ruler and the alphabet H shows a straight cut look which is what a women body echoes if you have shape like that.

Women with banana shaped body is like an hourglass body shape at the top and bottom ONLY but with little curve at the waist. The waist is the definitive difference when it comes to judging whether you’re a banana or hourglass shaped body. With hourglass, the waist is well-defined whereas for banana, the waist is not defined because it has almost the same width as the shoulders and hips.

We have tips and tricks for other type body shapes too: pear, inverted triangle, apple and hourglass.

How To Determine If I Am A Banana Shaped?

Your shoulders and hips are around the same size with non defined waist. Your waist measurement is less than 9” smaller than your shoulders or hips. Banana shaped women commonly (but not always) have short waist and flat bottoms. When you pack on the kilos, the fats are almost always evenly distributed.

Celebrities with banana body shape:

Banana Body Shape Celebrities

Jennifer Garner – Cameron Diaz – Kate Hudson – Natalie Portman – Anne Hathaway – Nicole Kidman

I, myself am banana shaped. The joke of this scenario is that I’ve only realized I am a banana shape recently when I crafted this post. I’ve never bother with my non-defined waist. Now I’ve just realized why tops that ends at my hips look good on me or why when I tucked in tops, I look weird. Come together now, let’s learn what enhances banana body shaped women like me and you (if you are one). :)

I’m banana shaped. Here’s what I should do…

1. Trick the observer’s eyes into looking elsewhere (like shoulders, busts, hips, legs) other than your waist.
2. Create the illusion of a defined waist.
3. Highlight my beautiful straight cut look.

In point no. 1, you’re trying to take away the attention from your waist as they lack curve. How to? By making your top and bottom the focal point. Whereas in no. 2, you’re trying to build an illusion in the sense of clothing to create a well-defined waist. Yes, you’re trying to attract attention to the waist by enhancing it! ~ though sometimes it’s quite a dangerous thing to do ;)

On point no. 3, sometimes showing off your straight cut look can be rewarding especially when you want to dazzle your basic boxy style. A lady gotta do what a lady feel is right. Right?

Here are the tips and tricks to dressing banana shaped body:

Tips & Tricks To Dressing Banana Body Shape
1. Wear good undergarments.
Good undergarments give good support to your bust and makes your waist more defined.

Tips & Tricks To Dressing Banana Body Shape
2. Wear tops that end at the mid-section of the hips.
This is to create illusion of a shaped waist. You can wear longer top if you have slim thighs and long legs.

Tips & Tricks To Dressing Banana Body Shape
3. Don’t wear clothing that are too tight.
Semi-fitted clothing is the best bet. Anything too hugging will accentuate your straight frame. Baggy or loose clothing will only make you boxy so you should avoid too but if you’re going for the straight cut look with no waist definition, loose clothing it is.

Tips & Tricks To Dressing Banana Body Shape
4. Don’t tuck in tops if you have short waist.
As most banana body shape women are short-waisted, it’s advice not to tuck in your tops. If you do tuck in your tops, remember to blouse; that is to pull the top slightly out over the waist . If you’re long-waisted with banana body shape you can tuck in your tops to create a shorter torso.

Tips & Tricks To Dressing Banana Body Shape
5. Wear detailing on your upper tops.
Detailing like pleats, ruffles, bow, yokes on your upper tops or epaulets and flaps on shoulders will add volume and enhance your shoulders or bust line. This way you’re drawing attention to your upper part and not your waistline.

Tips & Tricks To Dressing Banana Body Shape
6. Avoid detailing around the waist.
Detailing like pockets, patterns or horizontal band (jumper) around the waist should be avoided as these will feature your less defined waist.

Tips & Tricks To Dressing Banana Body Shape
7. Wear peplum tops, dress or skirt.
Peplum is a waistline attention grabber style no doubt. But the magical part about peplum is that it also highlights your hips giving a curvy silhouette which in turn create illusion of a defined waist!

Tips & Tricks To Dressing Banana Body Shape
8. Wear empire waist tops or evening dresses.
For banana body shape, your narrowest point on your body is just below your bust. Highlight this area with empire waist tops or evening dresses. You might wanna avoid those with gathering or folds under the bust for it might make you look like a pregnant woman (oops!).

Left: Empire evening dress

Tips & Tricks To Dressing Banana Body Shape
9. Avoid wrap tops or dresses.
You might think “Oh a wrap dress will create a nice waist for me”. You’re wrong. Because of your less-defined waist, when you wear a wrap dress or top it will make you look boxy. Think of a ruler wearing a wrap dress. Get my drift?

Tips & Tricks To Dressing Banana Body Shape
10. Wear form-fitted and single breasted jackets or coats.
Jackets or coats that are form-fitted and shaped at the waist is the best choice. Patch pockets near or at the waist should be avoided. Go for single breasted jackets or coats as double breasted ones will make you look boxy. If the jackets or coats come with a belt, tie the belt at the back. This will show off your narrowest point (below the bust) and create an illusion of a waist. The same belting technique can be done to tunic top with tie belt. Length of jackets or coats depends on your height. Click here to read tall women tips and petite/short women tips.

Tips & Tricks To Dressing Banana Body Shape
11. Wear evening dresses that create body-shaping silhouette.
Wear A-line and ball gown to create curves and form-fitting dresses like princess seam with curved seam running from top to bottom to create long slender look. V-neck evening dress that draw attention to just below your bust, off-the-shoulder that create illusion of wider shoulder and dresses with train are also good choices.

From left to right: princess seam dress – A-line dressV-neck dress with trainball gown

Tips & Tricks To Dressing Banana Body Shape
12. Wear belts low, without detailing and in low contrast.
When you wear belt at your waistline, you’re only highlighting your lack of waist. For tops or dresses, you can curve the belt to make it sit at your waist and drop lower at the front near the hips. Belt it only for low rise jeans or low rise skirt to create a defined waist. Wear low contrast belt with less detailing as not to attract attention.

Tips & Tricks To Dressing Banana Body Shape
13. Wear pants of any style.
Pants can be straight, flare, boot legs or wide legs. If you’re short-waisted, wear mid or low rise pants. If you’re long-waisted, wear high rise pants and avoid low rise ones.

Tips & Tricks To Dressing Banana Body Shape
14. Wear skirts of any style.
Wear skirt from A-line, straight, pencil, maxi, bubble, etc. Skirt with ruffles, pleatings or any details below the hips are welcome. Avoid detailing at the waist like pleatings or gatherings.

Tips & Tricks To Dressing Banana Body Shape
15. Wear accessories to draw attention upward.
Accessories like necklace, earrings, brooch and scarf to draw attention upward, away from your waist.

Are you a banana shaped body? How do you style your every day clothing? Share with us your tips.

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  1. Reply Mwelwa Mar 17,2015 8:07 am

    For a banana shape, I try to draw attention to my upper body, luckily I have round DD capsize breasts which help with making my upper body more g and my friend comments that this works wonders as one totally forgets to judge my straight frame.
    I recently tried dresses with a waist belt, not a good idea, it makes you look boxy.
    I like wearing classy stiletos and good looking shoes, this makes up for good posture and defining my legs. I avoid funky shoes to keep a clean and neat look.
    I wore a halter neck ball gown wedding dress for my wedding and it did me great, it showered off my shoulders, emphasized by bust, shaped my upper waist.

  2. Reply Aquarius Moon Aug 2,2015 12:54 am

    Your tips are helpful and so true! I look bizarre when my tops are tucked in. So now I don’t.

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