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Hourglass Shaped Body

Hourglass shaped body is the most desirable body shape for women. Perfect balanced proportion and sexy curvaceous body are the two main reasons why many women and men lust over this hourglass shape. It’s the epitome of beauty and femininity. And it’s the undeniable truth whether we like it or not. As tempting as an hourglass body shape may be, there are actually only about 8% women in the world who owns this body shape.

If you are a pear, inverted triangle and rectangle, more often than not you are actually trying to balance your lacking proportion to create the hourglass figure. Have you noticed that?

Why is this type of body shape called hourglass?

Just like an hourglass (sand timer/clock/watch) which has the same width at the top and bottom with a defined middle, women with hourglass shape has that same definition with almost symmetry top and bottom and a small middle which is the waist.

How To Determine If I Am Hourglass?

You’re an hourglass when you have shoulders and hips approximately the same width and a defined waist that is at least 9” smaller than the shoulders or hips. The latter is the definitive guide to being an hourglass. Not all hourglass women are full busted. A flat or medium bust woman can be hourglass too. Also not only women who are curvy lands in the hourglass category, slim women too can be hourglass as long as they fit in the hourglass body shape measurement.

Celebrities with hourglass body shape:

Hourglass Celebrities
Sophia Loren – Marilyn Monroe – Elizabeth Taylor – Christina Hendricks – Jennifer Love Hewitt – Kelly Brook.

You may be hourglass, but some hourglass women consider this shape as the most difficult to style. You can’t wear too much at your upper body which will cause an imbalance you. Same goes with putting too much at your lower body. Most of your clothing style are considered more formal as baggy clothes doesn’t enhance your hourglass silhouette. This guide is hence created to assist hourglass women dressing for every day and formal occasion; clothing that will look good on you and what’s not.

I’m hourglass. Here’s what I should do…

1. Highlight my curves.
2. Make my waist the focal point.
3. Proportionally balance both my upper and lower body at the same time.

Here are the tips and tricks to dressing hourglass shaped body:

Tips & Tricks to Dressing Hourglass Body Shape
1. Wear good fitting undergarments.
To look wonderful in fitted clothing, you need to have good undergarments foundation. Wear fitting bra that will give proper support to your breast and create curves at the right place.

Tips & Tricks to Dressing Hourglass Body Shape
2. Wear fitted clothing.
Go for fitted clothing as these will show off your womanly body. Bear in mind that fitted clothing doesn’t mean tight clothing.

Tips & Tricks to Dressing Hourglass Body Shape
3. Avoid baggy and boxy clothing.
If you want to show off your figure, avoid baggy and boxy clothing as they will only hide your curvy shape and tiny waist. Be proud of your curves!

Tips & Tricks to Dressing Hourglass Body Shape
4. Wear light-weighted and thin fabrics.
Choose clothing that are light-weighted and thin fabrics like cotton, silk as they tend to glide over your curves and flatter your body shapes. Avoid thick textured and bulky fabrics like brocade, tweed, grosgrain and bouclé as they are not able to follow your body’s curves hence make you lose your curvy shapes.

Tips & Tricks to Dressing Hourglass Body Shape
5. Wear waist defined tops and jackets.
Go for waist-defined tops and jackets to flatter your already gorgeous figures.

Tips & Tricks to Dressing Hourglass Body Shape
6. Wear figure sculpting evening dresses.
You can wear any evening dress silhouette. Mermaid, trumpet, sheath, A-line and ball gown dresses are especially flattering on you as they sculpt your curvy body. Avoid empire dress if you have large bust.

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From left to right: Mermaid dress – sheath dress – A-line dressball gown

Tips & Tricks to Dressing Hourglass Body Shape
7. Wear slimming necklines tops and evening dresses.
Go for V-neck, sweetheart or scoop neck tops and evening dresses. These slimming neckline will draw the attention to your narrow waist and bust. Avoid wide necklines like bateau, off-the-shoulders and square as these will add heaviness to your upper body. If you are full-busted you might want to avoid high necklines. If you are small-busted, strapless dress is a good choice.

From left to right: V-neck dresssweetheart dressscoop dress

Tips & Tricks to Dressing Hourglass Body Shape
8. Wear wrap and bodycon dresses.
Wrap and bodycon dresses are good ways to feature your defined waist and at the same time wrap over your body to showcase your gorgeous curves.

Tips & Tricks to Dressing Hourglass Body Shape
9. Avoid too many detailing and embellishment on your tops, jackets and dresses.
Detailing and embellishment like big ruffles, draping fabric, bow on your tops, jackets and dresses should be avoided as they tend to add heaviness to your upper part thus making you disproportion. If you want to wear them, make sure you add heaviness to your lower part (e.g. such as flared or pleated skirt) to balance it off. Or if you are small-busted, it’s okay to wear them. Shoulder pads should be avoided as well.

Tips & Tricks to Dressing Hourglass Body Shape
10. Wear belts or waistband on your tops and dresses.
Add belt or waistband to your outfit to flatter your waist. It should be worn at the narrowest part of your waist and act as the defining point of your entire outfit. Thin and wide belts work for hourglass women. However if you are short-waisted or petite, avoid wide belts.

Tips & Tricks to Dressing Hourglass Body Shape
11. Wear peplum tops, dress and skirts.
Peplum are hourglass women best friend as they flatters your curves and show off your waist really well.

Tips & Tricks to Dressing Hourglass Body Shape
12. Wear coats with fitted waist or belted.
Go for coats with fitted waist, belted or buttoned at the middle to emphasize your waist. Trench coats and A-line coats that concentrate on your waist are the ideal choice. If you don’t have long legs, wear coats that end above the knee.

Tips & Tricks to Dressing Hourglass Body Shape
13. Wear pencil skirt and skirt with some flare.
Go for skirt with some flare, pencil or A-line skirt to highlight your stunning curves. Make sure to tuck in your top. If you have wide thighs, avoid pencil skirt if it causes horizontal wrinkles across your hip-thigh. The horizontal wrinkles will make you look bottom heavy.

Tips & Tricks to Dressing Hourglass Body Shape
14. Avoid too many detailing or embellishment on hips.
Pants or skirts with horizontal detailing across the hips like horizontal crease or horizontal patterns or prints should be avoided as they make your hips wider. Also to avoid is pants, skirts and coats with patch pockets or other embellishment on hips.

Tips & Tricks to Dressing Hourglass Body Shape
15. Wear straight, bootleg or wide legs pants.
Straight cut or skinny pants are perfect if you have long legs. Bootleg and wide legs pants are flattering because they balance your hips.

Tips & Tricks to Dressing Hourglass Body Shape
16. Avoid low-waisted pants or skirts.
Low-waisted pants or skirts should be avoided as they will hit at your hips making your hips look bigger. Mid-rise or high-rise pants or skirts is the way to go as you get to show off your curvy hips. High-rise pants or skirts starts at the natural waistline draws the eyes to your tiny waist. Make sure to tuck in your top.

Are you an hourglass? How do you style your daily outfits? What are the do’s and don’ts to dressing hourglass body shape? Share with us your thoughts.

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    I need help! I have NO fashion sense. And I don’t know what body type I am. I’m going to explain my features and maybe someone can tell me what type of clothing to look for (please!!!). I’m shortish with a long torso. I have a narrow waist but the rest of my torso is narrow, too- like I don’t get broader in comparison to my waist if you draw a line from just under one armpit across to just under the other armpit. I have really narrow hips too. I have broad shoulders though, and a butt, and thighs. So I guess I kinda look like I have hips- only the “curve” is a few inches lower than my hips, lol. Oh, and I have no boobs. To me, I look like an athlete with thighs.

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