Tips & Tricks to Dressing Pear Shaped Body

Pear Shaped Body

What’s a pear shaped body like?

A person with pear shaped body has wider lower hips compared to its top body part (especially shoulders). Alternate names for pear shaped body are A shape, triangle shape, spoon and bell.

Most pear shaped body has low wide hip, rounded fleshy bottoms, thick thighs, narrow shoulders, small chest and distinct waistline.

How to determine if I am pear shaped?

To determine if you are pear shaped, stand straight in front of the mirror, naked and with feet together. If the length of your front shoulders (left shoulder to right shoulder) are narrower than your front hips (left hip to right hip) or if the measurement around your shoulders are narrower than your hips then congratulations, you are pear shaped!
Pear Shaped Women
Kim Kardashian has pear shaped body.

I’m pear shaped:

If you’re pear shaped, you would want to wear clothing that widen your shoulders, one that enhances fuller top and chest while your lower body parts are narrowed and slimmed down. In another words, you want to attract the eyes to your upper body while camouflaging your lower body parts and at the same time show off your flattering curves!

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Here are some simple tips and tricks to dressing pear shaped body:

1a Pear Shaped

1. Wear dark colors at lower body part.
Wearing dark colors pants or skirt slim down your lower body part and at the same time disguises the unfavourable areas.

2. Wear light colors at upper body part.
Light colors such as white, yellow, orange, pastel makes the upper body looks fuller and at the same time enhances it.

2a Pear Shaped

3. Wear fitted clothing.
Loose crumply clothes will only make your lower half widen and hide your upper curves. Wear fitted clothing for best results.

4. Layering tops.
Wearing layered tops like addition of vest, cardigan, jacket and even scarf can add volume to the upper body which then help balanced the proportion.

3a Pear Shaped
Dress: Paris Ciel

5. Wear patterned and embellished tops or dresses.
Tops or dresses with printed motifs, patterns like ruffle or horizontal stripes, flounce or pockets or embellishment like beading, embroidery or lace grabs attention and enriches the upper body.

4a Pear Shaped

6. Wear jewelries.
Wear jewelleries like statement dangling earrings, necklaces or brooch. With this the eyes will focus at these charming attention-grabber and forget all about your lower body part.

5a Pear Shaped

7. Wear tops, jackets and cardigan that ends above your hip or just above your knees.
These will make your bottom area looks slimmer and fabulous because the horizontal line is narrower at above your hip and just above your knees.

6a Pear Shaped
Dress 1, Dress 2

8. Go for tops or evening dresses with fuller sleeves, wide necklines and chest enhancing necklines.
Tops or evening dresses with puffed, ruched, cape and butterfly sleeves, bateau neck, and scoop necklines adds volume and broaden your shoulders. While sweetheart, strapless, V-neck and off-the-shoulders tops or dresses give weight to the chest and at the same time show off your shoulders. Padded jackets are also highly favourable as it widens your shoulders.

7a Pear Shaped

9. Wear belted clothes and wear thin belts.
Wear belted long tops, cardigans and tunic at your narrowest waist for a flattering figure. Wear thin belts as wide belts will emphasize and adds weight to your lower body.

8a Pear Shaped

10. Wear boot cut (bell-bottoms), flared and straight-leg pants or jeans.
Boot cut and flared pants becomes wider downward thus help balanced and proportionate your body well. Straight-leg pants helps disguise your wide hips. Narrowing and fitted pants should be avoided as they enhances your lower body.

9a Pear Shaped
Dress 1, Dress 2, Dress 3

11. Wear A-line, flared skirt and empire evening dresses.
A-line skirt or A-line evening dresses flares out gently toward the knee or legs to give a well-proportion figure. It disguises your lower body with lovely gentle downward flows which in turn generate a slimmer look. Empire dress also works to hide your lower body.

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10a Pear Shaped

12. Wear undergarments booster.
For pear shaped boy to have a well-balanced proportion, volumized your chest area by wearing padded or push-up bras for a fuller bust.

11a Pear Shaped

13. Wear heels.
Most pear shape body has thick and fleshy legs. Wear high heels to elongate your legs. Avoid ankle straps heels. Instead go for open-toes and pointed heels which will lengthen your legs more.

14a Pear Shaped

14. Big hairstyle
As a pear-shaped women, adds volume to your hairstyle to balance out your upper and lower body. If you have thin straight hair, style the hair to make it fuller.

12a Pear Shaped

15. Avoid tops, jackets, cardigan and dresses that end at your hips or thighs.
Long tops, jackets, cardigan and short mini dress that end at your hips or thighs will only attract attention to your lower body part. Cropped trapeze jacket is a good choice but not long trapeze jacket.

16. Avoid pockets and horizontal patterns near your hips or thighs.
Low pockets and low horizontal lines pattern will only draw the eyes to your lower body areas because these design widen your hips and thighs. Avoid tops, jackets and cardigan with such design. Also avoid cargo shorts because the full pockets are normally place at the hips. Capri style pants should be avoided too.

13a Pear Shaped

17. Avoid pencil skirts.
This type of skirt hugs your hips thus should be avoided.

18. Avoid hot pants.
Hot pants are shortened shorts. These very short sexy pants accentuate your butts and hips. You want to avoid this at all cost if you’re pear shaped.

19. Avoid pleats and gathers at waist.
Pleats and gathers help to add volume to your waist which in directly makes your bottom half wider.

Are you a pear shaped body?

Share with us your tips on your daily dressing. How do you flatter your pear body shape? Do you follow any of the tips above?

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