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It’s your special day, you want it to be unusual, unique and creative but sweet and joyful at the same time.

While I’m an amateur photographer myself, I do not expect to have my wedding shot by some of my favorite photographers out there to capture the moment.

But there are a handful of talented photographer that might help you to making your wedding moment timeless and unforgettable. I’m sure a lot of you ladies are like me: you don’t want your special moment to become a cheesy moment full of cliché, or this to happen…

Wedding PhotobombSource:


How to choose a photographer for your wedding:

  • A good portfolio: A picture is worth a thousand words. Seasoned wedding photographers have their own portfolio online or offline. Do not hesitate to ask for one as a preliminary process when you are going through a list of photographer. Do you see lovepassion, and joy in these photos? Or rather a “cookie cutters” pattern? THE moment is what you want the photographer to capture. A good photographer can make a black and white photo colorful and a color photo alive. All you need to do is talk to them unless you found a telepathic photographer.
  • A good listener: A good photographer pays attention to the smallest details. You need to have a chat with them over a cup of tea and let them know your story. Most important of all, a good photographer will pay great attention to your story and put that emotion into the photos.
  • Cost of wedding photographer: Yes, wedding photographer prices could be a determining criteria when the quality of outcome is your main concern. Besides spending 3 to 6 hours on your wedding during your big day, professional photographers also spend hours editing photos in order to get the desired feeling or result out of the raw images. A reasonable price for a professional photographer in UK would range somewhere between 1500£ to 3000£.
  • A must-have list: From many wedding photos I’ve seen, a lot of them tend to concentrate on the ceremonial moment. Here are some of my personal wedding pictures ideas for a complete wedding photo book. You don’t want to regret for missing an important moment of the day.


“Getting ready moments”

Getting Ready Shots
Credit: Moore Photograpy


“Pre-reception moments”

Credit: Gina Leigh Photography


“The kiss moment”

Credit: Photographs by Anjuli


“Alone moment”

You and your partner are the most important character in this event. Make sure you have your alone moment (and your supposedly invisible photographer) and let the photographer to do his job. Some of the most beautiful wedding photos are taken at this moment without poses, props, lighting or special photography technique. It just immortalize the moment.

Credit: Filipe Pombo

Credit: Ryan Brenizer



“Probs & photo time!”

There are plenty of free photo booth available for download. All you need is a quality laser color printer. We do not recommend inkjet because ink and sweat are such bad combination. A search for “printable photo booth” on Google and you’ll have more than you need for the party!


  • A comfortable wedding dress: Not only the dress has to be visually astonishing, you will also want to make sure you feel comfortable in it. Get your wedding dress tailor made to make sure you could move around freely and naturally the whole day. Even the greatest photographer can not take a good photo with a forced smile.

Credit: Ett Venter



  • Come up with your own ideas: If you have a creative wedding idea, make it comes true (not the dinosaur) because this could be your only chance!

Credit: Quinn Miller



Our list of top wedding photographers in UK

In no particular order, below is a list of our favorite photographers in UK selected by our marketing team. The photos are best viewed in full screen (by click the arrows at top-right corner) for maximum visual pleasure!


Daniel is an Aussie living in UK since 1992. Daniel is one of the photographer that emphasize at communicating with his clients before shooting. He is always working to exceed the expectations of his clients.



Jamie is a multi award winning wedding photographer that really catches the moment. He is based in North Devon but covers the whole UK and beyond. Jamie excels at capturing the emotional essence of each unique moment as all the photos below demonstrates.



Ross has an excellent style of demonstrating his photographic and storytelling skill that constantly exceed expectations of his customers. Adaptable, inventive, insightful and sensitive, every time Ross enter into a room to engage and interact with the people in it positive energy would rise and faces would beam whilst he seizes all beautiful moments of a wedding day. A magician that capture and immortalize each moment of your D-day.

“I tell the story of each wedding from from two combined perspectives. Creative (in any context or situation, composition and light is used with direction and purpose) and emotive (I focus on the invisible connections between people: love). I do this for, on average, 14 hours a wedding. Every moment has mystery and beauty waiting to be uncovered.”

~ Ross Harvey,



Joanna and Jan, husband-and-wife creative team, are both artists and always try to add to their photographs an artistic touch. They find their inspiration for their work in old movies and fine art. Their photography style has been described as artistic and modern photojournalism but for Joanna and Jan it’s all about love, emotions, beauty, glamour and fun.

First photo is a romantic rainy picture (we must admit that we love work with rainy weather) , water drops added  special effects and made all photo very picturesque. This photo shows love between wedding couple but in very romantic and artsy style. For us it looks like a frame from old movie.

Second photo shows a moment just before wedding ceremony,when bride arrives to the church with her father. We used a window of wedding car to show a reflection of bride’s father so we could show their gaze and face expression on the same picture even they were standing opposite each other.”

~ Joanna and Jan,




Having Simon as your wedding photographer is like having an extra friend there with you. His relaxing and easy-going manner allows him to capture everything as natural and unobtrusive as possible throughout the wedding, both official and behind the scenes.


“I aim to capture a wedding by understanding what makes the couple I am photographing tick. As they are the essence of the day, it is their story, their love which is being celebrated and I want to make sure I fit around them and their personalities. I document this as honestly, creatively and informally as possible, so that it feels more like a friend is with them helping them to relax and enjoy themselves. With so many things to think about when planning a wedding, photography can often be overlooked, but I feel it has a vital role, one that will present the story for future generations to look back on and so I put everything I have into each wedding to make it look as awesome as it felt. Delivering professional results, as well as offering high quality products, complete my service.”

~ Simon Biffen,



, emotive and natural is how we would describe Natalie’s works. She spends time with the couples before wedding and make sure she interprets their wedding according to the couples expectations. Many wedding guests described Natalie as lovely, polite and professional, whilst she enjoys the whole wedding and her work.

“…it changes from photo to photo, but for me on the whole its the way they feel really intimate whilst being unobtrusive, its the natural relaxed nature of them mixed the spur of the moment, they are genuine and unposed and the people are real. ”
~ Natalie Pluck,



Jon’s enthusiasm and ability to interact with other wedding guests will make your wedding memorable. Fun, talented, discrete and artistic is how most guests will remember him. Sensational magical photos captured with love, energy and enthusiasm.

“I’m a believer that a single well executed photo is far better than ten average photos. Don’t settle for mediocre generic photography. You’ve invested so much time already, make sure it’s captured with the same level of thought, love and attention.”

~ Jon Mold,



Ben has been the kid who spend countless hours in the darkroom developing films while he’s at school and have traveled 6 continents taking picture during his teenage. He has since combined both his passion for travel and photography into his profession after he settle down in Canterbury, Kent with his wife Cassandra. He is available to work throughout the UK and overseas upon request.



Peter Slaney, from Zero 8 Photography,  was voted one of the UK’s top wedding photographers by MEWO 2013 and a winner of Funk Image Award. RAW, artful, unconventional, urban, modern and retro are words we would use to describe Peter’s photography. Some of the images have a compressed look due to the way he uses the lens at the point of capture. The idea came from images taken in the 1800s and mixed with a modern twist.






If I’m only allowed to use one word to describe Julia’s work, it would be “quirky“. Combining it with her solid knowledge of photography makes her stand out from the crowd after going through a few of her photos. Julia has been photographing weddings for over 10 years and she sets her own trend and style.



Cotton Candy Photography is formed by two good mates Gem & Phil.
I personally like this wicked photo they have made. Try their photo booth service to create some fun and original photographs of you and your guests!

“Our focus is on shooting artistic and modern wedding photography with couples who have chosen to do things a little differently. Our images are soft and feminine and have a slight vintage finish to them. Our images stand out as we also use a range of retro toy cameras as part of our service. From the dreamy and double exposed images achieved through our Holga and Diana F+ and the retro polaroids we can produce with our vintage polaroid and instax large, through to the panoramic 360’s produced with our 360 spinner we provide clients with creative, alternative, quirky and unique images. “

Gemma & Philippa,



More creative wedding photography ideas

Before I call it a day, I’d like to share these inspiring images I found during my research for the perfect wedding photographer. Enjoy!





Which photographer is your favorite and why? Please let us (and the photographers) know!


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