Types of Wedding Hair Accessories & The Best Style For You

Wedding Hair Accessories

One of the exciting (and also hardest) agenda in any bridal planning is choosing your wedding hair accessories or headpiece. But wait! Before you go embarking on the hair accessories searching journey, it’s wise to first read up this guide on how to choose wedding hair accessories. The post will show you where to start, what comes next, what you need to consider and so on. The main points that will affect which style to choose for your wedding hair accessories is your wedding dress and wedding hairstyle.

With over 10 types of wedding hair accessories to choose from, I’m sure you will be a little inundated. Now this post will introduce you to the types of wedding hair accessories and how to decide which style is best for you.

Types of wedding hair accessories & how to choose the best style:

1. Fascinator
A fascinator lets you add vintage allure and elegance to your wedding look. It can be worn with any hairstyle; full down, half down or full updo. The fascinator can be made from feathers or lace and adorned with jewels and faux flowers. Another type of fascinator come with combined birdcage veil.

1 Fascinator

2. Floral crown/wreath/garland
A floral crown/wreath/garland is ideally suited for outdoor wedding. Think whimsical and romantic wedding. Choose from seasonal or wild flowers, small or large blooms. Remember to use the same flowers for your crown and your wedding bouquet so they match alright. Floral crown is more budget friendly compared to others hair accessories. Although it can be worn with any hairstyle, most brides seems to pair floral crown with full down hair or braided hairstyle.

2 Floral Crown

3. Flower
Choosing to wear flower whether it’s fresh or faux flowers is a beautiful way to accent your wedding attire. A single or double bloom flowers give a simple look while a cluster of smaller blooms will give an intricate look. Flowers usually cost less than others hair accessories and therefore is a budget plus point. If you’re using fresh flower, make sure to match it with your wedding bouquet for consistency. It’s good to go for seasonal flowers to make the most of your floral budget. Here are some brilliant ideas on how to use roses in your wedding.

3 Flower

4. Hair Clip
Whether you’re letting your hair full down, half down or full updo on your wedding hair, hair clip work best with all sort of hairstyle. It clips the hair to keep the hair secured and out of your face and is usually embellished with rhinestones, crystals, pearls and faux flowers.

4 Hair Clip

5. Hair Comb
A full down hair doesn’t go well with hair comb as the comb has no place to rest on and will fall easily. You need at least partial or full updo to make use of the hair comb full potential. When worn properly the comb shall not be visible and only the jewels can be seen. Hair combs are usually adorned with crystals, rhinestones and pearls. They are usually worn at the side or back of the head. Other variety of hair combs are tiara comb and veil comb which are worn respectively like tiara and veil (birdcage veil especially).

5 Hair Comb

6. Hair Pins
If you want understatement to go to your hair and prefer to let other parts to shine, particularly your wedding gown, hair pins might just be what you need. Versatile and subtle, hair pins are perfect for any hairstyle though it is usually much preferable to be worn with half up or full updo. You can wear it at the side or back of the hair without much dramatic notion.

6 Hair Pins

7. Hair Vines
Hair vines are flexible wires that can be worn in many different ways as it can be easily shaped into place. It is usually embellished with crystals, pearls and jewels and are perfect for any hairstyle. With the freedom to secure it anywhere in your hair, you can wear hair vines as headband, tiara, wrap around the updo, snake along the side or cascade down your ponytail. Most hair vines are intricate looking and subtle.

7 Hair Vines

8. Hat
Honestly, a wedding hat is not a style typical brides will go to. But if you’re looking for something different, say a retro themed wedding or an outdoor or beach wedding, then a wedding hat is just perfect. In addition to that, a hat helps to block the sun rays for outdoor and beach wedding. And if you prefer not to wear a veil, a hat is a great replacement too. Some brides choose to wear small hat with birdcage veil.

8 Hat

9. Headband/hairband
Headband or hairband is an all-around hair accessory. It’s perfect for any hair length; short, medium or long and can be worn with any hairstyle whether it’s a full updo, half down or full down. It’s actually very trendy amongst brides currently. The band can be encrusted with jewels, crystals, pearls, feathers or faux flowers. You can also add ribbon to the headband and tie under your hair. Asymmetrical headbands are particularly fashionable now. There are also variation of double and triple headbands.

9 Headpiece

10. Tiara
The timeless beauty of a tiara can give a subtle or dramatic look depending how lavish of a tiara selected. Tiara can be paired with any bridal hairstyle and is almost always worn with full updo or half down and with or without veil. Tiaras are made from either gold, silver or wire and adorned with exquisite crystals and/or pearls. If you always dream of a princess bride look, tiara is the best choice!

10 Tiara

11. Veil
Among all the wedding hair accessories there is, the veil has to be the most traditional piece. Yet many brides nowadays decide to choose the no-veil route. However if you seek a traditional and vintage wedding, wearing a veil is the best way to bring out the classic vibe. In order to satiate the older generation you could wear a veil for the ceremony and until the first dance at your reception before taking it off. There are many ways to wear a veil, it can be worn covering the head and face, covering your head partially, worn under an updo, worn as cap veil (vintage vibe) or short birdcage veil (retro feel).

11 Veil

Want more wedding hair accessories ideas? Here are more ways to wear hair accessories on your wedding day hair.

What type of bridal hair accessories will you choose for your wedding? If you are married, what type of hair accessories did you adorned on your wedding day? Share with us below.

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