16 Wedding Day Keepsakes Ideas You’ll Love 1

Wedding Day Keepsakes Ideas You’ll Love

Planning, preparing and going through a wedding is a happy but also busy time of your life. Before you realise, the day have zipped by so fast. To hold on to those wonderful memory it is nice to have something associated with your wedding in your keeping. This is where wedding keepsake come into play.

What’s a wedding keepsake?
It’s something that one keeps because of sentimental value. In this case, you keep items from the wedding (momentos) to relive and cherish the memory of your nuptial.

Here are some nice sentimental keepsakes ideas for your wedding:

1. Guestbook
Besides using regular guestbook for your guest to leave heartfelt message to you and your other half, you can opt for this emerging trend of using fingerprint tree, fingerprint Disney Up house, fingerprint balloons and many more designs where guests can leave their fingerprint and message altogether. You can source more ideas from Pinterest or Etsy. Frame up the thumbprint guestbook in your new home. It’ll make a cute art and also keepsake.

Fingerprint Guestbook - Wedding Keepsake
Source: Beth Kruse

2. Shadow box
Shadow box is a case with glass front used for displaying items. You can fill it with your wedding invitation, menu, save the date, favor, photos from your wedding, cake topper, jewelries, garter, wedding shoes, etc. Then have it hung in your house or display on the cabinet.

Shadow Box - Wedding Keepsake
Source: Not So Newlywed McGees

3. Preserved wedding flowers
Your wedding bouquet, your hubby’s boutonniere or flowers from your centerpiece, you can have them preserved, framed and hung in any room. There are cheap and expensive methods to preserve flowers and some can be DIY or done professionally. If you intend to preserve your wedding flowers, make sure you get all the details and planning done before your wedding as some flower preservation techniques needs the flowers to be shipped to the preservationist once the wedding is over. You can get more details, tips and ideas on wedding flower preservation here.

Preserved Wedding Flowers - Wedding Keepsake
Source: Bride2Be

4. More unique ways to preserve wedding flowers
If framing up your preserved wedding flowers is not your cup of tea, you can make them into jewelry like this beautiful necklace below and as paperweight; picture on the right or make them into potpourri.

Preserved Wedding Flowers Paperweight & Necklace - Wedding Keepsake
Source: Pinterest, Flower Preservation Workshop

5. Live wedding canvas
This idea of hiring a live event artist to paint your wedding is simply intriguing. It makes a wonderful and one of a kind wedding keepsake. Be sure to take a look at the artist portfolio so you know what to expect from his/her work.

Live Wedding Canvas - Wedding Keepsake
Source: Christine Meintjes via The Pretty Blog

6. Framed wedding dress
If you love your wedding dress so much and think it’s a waste to just store it away, you can frame your wedding dress and hung above your bed, hallway or your walk in closet. Best way to remind you of your marriage!

Framed Wedding Dress - Wedding Keepsake
Source: Pinterest

7. Jewelry made from wedding dress
However if you think framing up your wedding dress will take up too much space or maybe too tacky, why not take a piece of your wedding dress and turn into jewelry for a great memento. You can source Etsy for jewelry maker or DIY yourself like this beautiful wedding dress necklace.

Jewelry Made From Wedding Dress - Wedding Keepsake
Source: Little Red Window

8. Wedding dress sketch
Another special way to remember your wedding dress is to have it sketched or illustrated by an artist. Don’t you love to have a custom artwork of your stunning wedding dress?

Wedding Dress Sketch - Wedding Keepsake
Source: Illustrative Moments

9. Framed wedding vows
Don’t forget wedding vows make a good keepsake. Have them framed up and it’ll be a good way to remind you of your vows to each other. Romantic right?

Framed Wedding Vows - Wedding Keepsake
Source: The Learner Observer

10. Framed aisle runner
The money spent on a beautiful aisle runner with your initials will go to waste if you’re only using the runner for your wedding. Why not frame up this sentimental piece and display in your home too?

Framed Aisle Runner - Wedding Keepsake
Source: Pinterest

11. Wedding cards album
What do you do with all the wedding cards received? Do you throw them away or simply put them aside? Here’s an idea: make a cute wedding cards album from the piles. This way you can easily go through them whenever you want.

Wedding Cards Album - Wedding Keepsake
Source: Something Turquoise

12. Wedding scrapbook
You may be one of the brides that love scrapbooking. Have one available from the planning stage to your wedding day. It’ll be so cool to look back at your wedding journey in later years.

Wedding Scrapbook - Wedding Keepsake
Source: Scrapbook.com

13. Wedding photobook
After you have your wedding photos taken, make sure the photographer also provide the option of printing your photos into photobook. If not you can create them yourself from the various online photo printing website. In my opinion photobook makes the best keepsake because they draw you in visually.

Wedding Photobook - Wedding Keepsake
Source: Pinterest

14. Champagne cork
When you and your hubby pop the very first champagne at the reception, remember to save the cork. You can frame the cork up to mark the first toast as husband and wife. This DIY cork keepsake frame is a great idea.

Champagne Cork - Wedding Keepsake
Source: Something Turquoise

15. Wedding playlist
Whether you’re providing your own wedding music or have your wedding music compile by the DJ, do keep a copy of the CD to bring back you in time whenever you feel like reliving your wedding.

Wedding Playlist - Wedding Keepsake
Source: Not On The High Street

16. Wedding treasure box
You may be someone who doesn’t like to display your wedding keepsake around your house. An idea is to have a treasure box or suitcase to keep all your wedding memorabilia. Store the box in the attic or your closet and bring them out when you want to reminiscence your wedding day. I personally love this idea a lot because I keep quite a few treasure boxes of my own. ;)

Wedding Treasure Box - Wedding Keepsake
Source: Redhead Can Decorate

That’s it for my wedding keepsake suggestion. I’m sure there are many other things you can do to recall your precious wedding memories. Have a good idea? Share with us below.

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