Wedding Purse Essentials – Do I Need One?

Do I need a bridal purse for my wedding?

I can say that I’ve never seen photos of brides posing with a wedding purse. Have you? So what is the purpose of a wedding bag if it’s not for vanity? Just like you need a handbag to keep your daily essential, a wedding bag is useful to keep your wedding essential.

Having a wedding purse doesn’t mean you have to lug it around everywhere. Have your bridesmaid or maid of honor carry it for you during the ceremony. If you don’t have bridesmaid, request the help of your mom to carry it for you. And when it’s reception time, you can choose to have the purse right beside you on the table or have your bridesmaid in charged of it nearby. When it’s time to leave for your hotel, you can have the purse with you.

And no, you don’t have to specially go all out and buy a wedding purse. We all know wedding is an expensive event. You don’t need to spend another few hundreds just for a purse you’ll not be carrying 100% of the time. The purse doesn’t even have to have the bridal look or match with your wedding dress. In fact you can use an evening bag or clutch. Go with metallic or a pop of color to complement with your wedding colors. Beaded clutch is beautiful and good choice. But of course, if you already have your eyes on a bridal clutch, feel free to get it. But before that think if the pattern and style will suit post-wedding use. It’ll be a waste to buy a bag which you only use once.

If you think you need a wedding purse, what are the items you might want to pack it with you?

Here are some suggestions:
Lip balm
Cell phone
Blotting papers
Mini perfume bottle
Compact mirror+powder

Wedding Purse Essentials

We think you should have minimal items in your wedding purse. Since a wedding purse is small in size, pack what you think you will need the most and have the rest like comb, safety pins, eye drops, etc in your wedding day emergency kit which will be under the care of your bridesmaid or maid of honor.

Of course, if you think you’ll be okay without a wedding purse, you can totally go without one. :)

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If you just had your wedding, share with us:
Did you have a bridal purse? What items did you keep inside your purse?

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