Wedding Trend: Jumpsuits for Brides & Bridesmaids. Yay or Nay?

Jumpsuits for Brides & Bridesmaids

Any jumpsuit haters out there? In case you didn’t realized, jumpsuit has made into the wedding scene not long ago. Brides and bridesmaids can be seen donning the modish jumpsuit trend. Before you go eeks and yucks, hear me out first. Whether you like it or not, this jumpsuit trend on brides and bridesmaids are probably gonna last quite awhile (maybe eternity?). So why not strap on the seat belt and join me for the jumpsuit joyride?

What’s a jumpsuit? & When was it really famous?

Jumpsuit is a one-piece clothing with legs and may come with or without sleeves. Originally it was meant for skydivers and parachuters and later on on pilots and drivers. In the fashion world, jumpsuit were extremely popular from the 60s to 80s. Think Elvis Presley, Freddie Mercury and Mick Jagger.

60s-80s Jumpsuits

If you’re a bride that would like to have something different and unique for your wedding attire, wedding jumpsuit is a great choice. It’s modern, chic, fresh and fun. The classy non-traditional jumpsuit is way comfier than a dress if you really want to know the truth AND it saves you from those usual wedding dress woes (think dress size, major alteration, sleepless night, finding the one). Another great benefit is that it’s cost-effective too. Jumpsuit price is around the hundred range unlike wedding dress which can go up to thousands of dollar. Now you can use those well-saved money for your honeymoon!

Jumpsuits for Brides & Bridesmaids1

With different style, material and prints to choose from, you can find your perfect wedding jumpsuit rather easily compared to searching for a wedding gown which is like searching a needle in a haystack. With jumpsuit, you can dress up with statement heels and jewelry or dress down with minimal ornaments for a simple wedding. Tsk, if you’re planning a destination wedding, city hall or courthouse wedding then a bridal jumpsuit is the perfect option. It’ll stick to the theme really well.

Cons of jumpsuit:

Why not jump into the wedding jumpsuit bandwagon by now you say. Most probably due to this two reasons.

1. Jumpsuit is unflattering to some body type
Just like any clothing, there is not one garment that is perfect for all body type. Same goes with jumpsuit. This can be easily solved by choosing the style, cut, fabric and prints that will accentuate your body type. Go for structured, nip in the waist and slim around the legs for a smart and chic look.

2. The bathroom issue
Since jumpsuit is a one-piece suit, you need to strip down your upper half to go to the bathroom. Some will not like this idea and yet some will embrace this matter with open mind. Let me ask you a question: Are you going to the bathroom 10 times a day? I bet not. Also I bet a jumpsuit is way easier to handle than a puffy wedding dress when it comes to answer nature call.

If you don’t think you’re able to adopt the bridal jumpsuit for your wedding ceremony but would like it to be part of your wedding, you can change to a jumpsuit after your ceremony for your reception, wedding party or wedding getaway car. You can also instill the jumpsuit style in your engagement celebration and rehearsal dinner.

Bridesmaid Jumpsuit

For brides that choose to wear a wedding dress but would like her bridesmaids to take on the jumpsuit plunge, it’s wise to first ask your bridesmaids whether they like the idea. Let them try on the jumpsuit and get them to say what they think. There’s no point if they don’t fancy it. As for the versatility whether you can wear it again, yes you can, more so than a typical bridesmaid dress. But then it also depends on the jumpsuit style and individuality. Some dislike jumpsuit to the core and yet some love it.

Here are photos of real brides donning THE jumpsuit on their wedding day:

1. Islington Town Hall wedding of Alex & Barney
1 Islington Town Hall Wedding

2. Courthouse wedding of Olivia & Matt
2 Courthouse Wedding &

3. Iceland bus wedding of Salka & Amar
4 Bus Wedding In Iceland &

4. Woodhall Manor wedding of Vicki & Mark
5 Woodhall Manor Wedding

5. Glastonbury wedding of Amy & Paul
8 A Glastonbury Wedding

6. NYC Hall bride
9 NYC Hall Bride

Bridal jumpsuit inspiration:

1. City hall wedding inspiration
10 City Hall Wedding, &

2. Lavender field bride inspiration
11 Lavender Field Bride &

3. Isle of Palms Beach wedding inspiration
12 Isle of Palms Beach Wedding Inspiration

4. Beyonce’s jumpsuit & veil look during ‘On The Run’ tour
13 Beyonce Jumpsuit & Veil Look &

Jumpsuit for engagement:

1. Engagement shoot of Emily & Jed
14 Engagement Shoot of Emily & Jed &

2. Engagement shoot of Lindsay & Ryan
15 Engagement Shoot of Lindsay & Ryan

Jumpsuit for rehearsal dinner:

1. Wedding rehearsal dinner
16 Jumpsuit for Wedding Rehearsal Dinner

Real bridesmaids in jumpsuit:

1. Hotel 64 on Gordon wedding of Samantha & Shaun
1 Hotel 64 on Gordon Wedding &

2. Carlie & Marcus’ wedding at Surf Lodge
2 Wedding at Surf Lodge

3. Wedding of Maye Wong & Bojo
3 Wedding of Maye Wong & Bojo

4. Pauline & Serge’s wedding
4 Pauline & Serge’s Wedding

5. Wedding of Jen & Brian
5 Wedding of Jen & Brian &

6. Halter Neck Bridesmaids
6 Halter Neck Bridesmaids

7. Wedding of Michelle & Barry
7 Wedding of Michelle & Barry &

8. Wedding of Courtney & Zach
8 Wedding of Courtney & Zach &

9. Laura Kathleen’s Wedding Day
9 Laura Kathleen's Wedding Day

Bridesmaid jumpsuit inspiration:

1. Mid-Century Desert Wedding Inspiration
10 Mid-Century Desert Wedding Inspiration &

Brides in pants? Yeah why not?

So what do you think brides-to-be and bridesmaid-to-be. Is it a yay or a nay to bridal/bridesmaid jumpsuit?

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